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SIS Interface Newsletter

Spring 2015 InterfaceInterface is the School of Information Sciences' newsletter and is published twice a year. Its purpose is to communicate the highlights of the school's faculty, staff, student, and alumni news.  Each faculty member has an updated publications section on their web page. Interface tells the rest of the story.

The Spring 2015 issue is now available!

Previous issues

Interface is produced twice a year!  The Spring issue of Interface is sent out via listservs and email.  It is primarily digital.  The Fall issue is available as a download here and it is mailed as a print version to all of our alumni and friends.  Did receive your copy?  It may mean that you have provided your information to UT or you have suppressed your address.  To update your information and receive your copy of Interface, simply fill out this form

It is very important to share this issue with other alumni and friends in case they are not on our lists.  It also would be helpful to share with people who may be interested in exploring a degree from SIS. 

We have heard from some interesting alumni lately.  You will find their stories inspiring!  Have we heard from you lately?  Our faculty has some very exciting news as well.  We sincerely hope you will enjoy this issue.  Your SIS family wishes you all the best in 2014.

Donna Silvey, Editor

Update your professional news to be included in the next Class Notes section of Interface.