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SIS Faculty Publications

Author: D Potnis

Potnis D. Examining Mobile Banking in Developing Nations from Pro-Poor “Context, Culture, and Community” Perspective. In: 77th Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science & Technology. Seattle, WA; 2014.
Potnis D. Managing Gender-Related Challenges in ICT4D Field Research. Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries. 2014;65(2).
Potnis D. A Toolkit for Libraries to Assist Small Businesses (ATLAS). Washington, D.C.: Early Career Grant Award Proposal, Institute of Museum and Library Services; 2014.
Potnis D. Women and ICTs: Access and Empowerment. In: Sixth International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance. Albany, NY; 2012.
Potnis D, Deosthali K. DeMoAidS: Demonstrate “Aid is working” for Motivating the youth in developed world to Aid global philanthropy and Scale their effort rapidly. Seattle, WA: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges in Global Health, Aid is Working. Tell the World; 2012.
Potnis D. Folksonomy-based User-centric Information Organization Systems. International Journal of Information Studies . 2011;3(1):31-43.
Potnis D. Cell phone-enabled Empowerment of Women Earning less than $1 per Day. IEEE Technology & Society, Society on Social Implications of Technology, IEEE. 2011;30(2):39-45.

Author: Vandana Singh

Singh V, Twidale MB, Nichols DM. Users of Open Source Software: What are they contributing?. In: Hawaii International Conference on System Science (HICSS - 42).; 2009.
Singh V, Twidale MB. The Confusion of Crowds: non-dyadic help interactions. In: Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2008. San Diego, CA; 2008.
Singh V, Twidale MB, Rathi D. Open Source Technical Support - A Look at Peer Help Giving. In: Hawaii International Conference on System Science.; 2006.

Author: Iman Tahamtan

Author: Tenopir, C.

Tenopir C, Sandusky RJ, Allard S, Birch WB. Academic Librarians and Research Data Service: Preparation and Attitudes. IFLA Journal (Official Journal of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). 2013;39(1):70-78.
Tenopir C, Mays R, Wu L. Journal Article Growth and Reading Patterns. New Review of Information Networking. 2011;16(1):4-22.