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SIS Advisory Board

2014 - 2015 SIS Advisory Board

The School of Information Sciences Advisory Board was formed in 2005.  The mission of the board is to advise and support the school, its faculty and students.  The board members serve a three year term and meet in person once a year, usually in the fall.  Conference call meetings are held periodically throughout the year.

Distinguished information professionals who exemplify the library and information science professions from various backgrounds are invited to serve on the board by the school’s Director.  The board members elect a President, Vice-President (President-elect) and Secretary annually.  The SIS Advisory Board is governed by its Bylaws

The current board members are listed in the SIS Advisory Board Directory. The SIS Advisory Board provides counsel and advice regarding goals and objectives, student experiences, and resources and financial support. Their leadership and guidance help to ensure the school continues to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s information environment. 

SIS acknowledges the substantial contributions made by former Advisory Board members