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SIS Alumni Success Stories

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Why get a Masters in IS? Several years ago this degree program was referred to as the “Library School” where students interested in becoming librarians came to study and learn about their profession. Today the school offers education and professional preparation for a greatly expanded list of professions and jobs in a variety of work environments.

To get a glimpse of the potential jobs and places of employment for our graduates, take a look at this site, Our website contains a great deal of information about the program, potential financial assistance and how to go about applying.

Name Job Title Place of Employment Year Graduated
Katie Archambault Director of Research Emma Willard School, Troy, NY 2003
Arsev Aydinoglu Postdoctoral Program Fellow NASA’s Astrobiology Institute (NAI) 2011
Jeannine Hunter Writer Children’s National Health System 2005
Anne Langley Head Librarian, Lewis Library Princeton University 1993
Lucy Park Patent Searcher US Patent & Trademark Office 1996
Gloria Sharrar Retired Senior Vice President, Technology & Operations Business Continuity for Bank of America 1982