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SIS Student Awards Program

The faculty of the School of Information Sciences (SIS) offer a series of awards to acknowledge student achievement. The first three awards below are considered the School's "Top 3 Awards."

Gary R. Purcell Award

The Gary R. Purcell Award honors the memory of the school's first director. The faculty present this award to a student who shows unusual promise as a leader in the field of information sciences, in research and innovation, intellectual activity and creativity and management. It is an award for overall excellence rather than excellence in any one particular area alone. For the purpose of this award, "leadership" is defined as the ability to make a significant change for the better for a group of people, a technology or institution, and to advance the intellectual discipline of the information sciences.

The Academic Achievement Award

The purpose of the Academic Achievement Award is to recognize a student for excellence in academic work, such as coursework, presentations, thesis, and/or manuscripts submitted for publication.

The Outstanding Service Award

The purpose of the Outstanding Service Award is to recognize a student who has shown exemplary, continuous, dedicated, and voluntary service to the SIS community.

Other Student Awards:


Winners will be chosen by vote of the faculty as a whole at its final April meeting. Nomination forms for qualifying nominees will be provided to the faculty by the chair, Student Affairs Committee. Only one award will be presented; there are no "honorable mentions.

Please note that SIS Scholarships are listed separately. Student awards are conferred annually on the basis of student activity and performance during the academic year. The awards are conferred at the School's spring hooding ceremony, normally scheduled a day after the university graduation.

Please direct any questions about the Student Awards Program to the current chair of the Student Affairs Committee.