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On Campus or From a Distance?

If you choose to study on the Knoxville campus, your first few classes may be in a physical, traditional classroom, but your most of your classes will primarily be on-line. Distance Education students will take classes 100% on-line. Both options give you the same great education. Take a look at the benefits of each below. 

Campus Students

Distance Education Students

  • face-to-face interaction with faculty and other campus students
  • can access a UT SIS education without leaving friends and family
  • opportunities to attend and/or participate in research forums, special lectures, sporting events, and other student activities
  • can continue current employment if you prefer to continue to work while you study
  • access to campus facilities, resources and services such as student health services and recreation facilities.
  • many of the actives and events are also offered on line via video streaming and other technology tools