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Cancer Support Community East Tennessee

Knoxville, TN
Type of practicum : 
In Person
Description of Practicum Site: 

CSC has provided professionally facilitated programs for more than 27 years to people facing cancer, including family members and support persons. CSC programs, offered at no charge, include weekly and monthly support groups, education workshops on managing cancer, stress management and wellness classes, and programs focused on the healing power of art, music, and creativity. These programs are designed to decrease the stress of cancer by connecting people facing cancer to each other, reducing feelings of isolation and increasing feelings of hope. CSC’s programs are in line with the current research and recommended guidelines of both the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies and the American College of Surgeons. CSC follows their recommendations that include the use of complementary therapies to address the emotional and psychological needs of cancer patients and their loved ones.

Description of Practicum Duties: 

Cancer Support Community East Tennessee (CSC) is looking for a practicum student interested in database management to help with their database migration. CSC is in the process of migrating to a new database management system, Gnosis, which will integrate the organization’s development, fundraising, donor management, member services, case management, event management, communications, surveys, website, and volunteer management. The organization has accumulated a considerable amount of data from 2007 to the present that will be migrated into the new system, and the data need to be cleaned up after the migration process.
The practicum involves working 150 hours at CSC, located at 2230 Sutherland Avenue. The main tasks include setting priorities for data cleansing and helping CSC staff maximize the database capabilities to best serve CSC participants and donors. Working time is quite flexible—CSC can accommodate some evening/weekend hours. The student should have taken INSC 584, Database Management System, or have knowledge/work experience with database management systems.