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Career Pathway - Science Information / Data Science

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Information professionals with an expertise in science information support the scientific process and the dissemination of science information to scientists and to people who are not science experts. These professionals are leaders in handling science information including building science collections based on a deep understanding of the information that is needed for the expert community, assisting science experts and students in finding the information they need, and helping non-experts find science information they need. Science information professionals often work closely with scientific researchers. They also engage, explore and use technologies. An interesting story about working in this field is in Scientific American at

Science Information: Position Titles in Information Sciences

Science information professionals work in academic libraries, corporate libraries, federal agencies, medical libraries and with publishers. These are some of the many positions these information professionals hold: 

  • Science Librarian
  • Science Information Officer
  • eScience Specialist
  • Science Informationist
  • Health Sciences Librarian

Preparing to Enter the Professional World of Science Information:

Professional Development:


    • Association for Information Science & Technology (SIG-STI)
    • Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)
    • Science and Technology Section (STS)
    • Medical Library Association
    • Special Library Association


    • Each of the associations above have conferences with activities for science information professionals

Publications of Note:

    • Journal of eScience Librarianship
    • Science & Technology Libraries
    • Center for Open Science (see website at )

Required Courses For All Students:

Recommended Courses:

Real-World Experience:

Potential Practicum Settings:

    • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • NASA Distributed Active Archive
    • National Geographic
    • US Geological Survey
    • UT Library
    • South College

Recent Placements of UTK-SIS Alumni:

    • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    • Y12 National Security Complex
    • UT Preston Medical Library