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Career Development Videos

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These Webcast videos use the Mediasite Viewer (requires Silverlight plugin for your browser, works best in Firefox or Internet Explorer).  Presenters are now-retired School of Information faculty members  J. Michael Pemberton, Professor Emeritus,  and Bill Robinson, retired Associate Professor. Although the videos were made before Dr. Pemberton and Dr. Robinson retired, the timeless information contained in them is still extremely relevant and helpful to library and information job seekers in today's job market. 

Job Hunting Series 

This is a four-module series on applications and interviewing for information professionals. Presentations cover "The Cover Letter," “Resumes,” “The Winning Interview,” and "The Practicum."

  • Job Hunting 1: The Cover Letter -- J. Michael Pemberton.  This module addresses the changing significance of the cover letter in applications, the value of "you," and the importance of crafting new letters for those positions for which you apply.  (Length: 18 min 49 sec)
  • Job Hunting 2: Resumes -- Bill Robinson.  A brief introduction to resumes for the new information professional. This module reviews the purpose of the resume for the job candidate and the employer, identifies common errors, and suggests steps to make the resume more effective.  (Length: 32 min 15 sec)
  • Job Hunting 3: Interviewing -- Bill Robinson.  A quick overview of the major issues and concerns involved in preparing for the interview and presenting yourself effectively during the interview.   (Length: 35 min 22 sec)
  • Job Hunting 4: The Practicum -- J. Michael Pemberton, Professor.  This is an overview of the SIS practicum/field work experience. The importance of experience and the utility of the practicum in getting that important competitive edge in the marketplace may be critical. Those with experience go to the head of the line!   (Length: 12 min 8 sec)
  • Job Hunting 5: Getting the Interview with an E-Portfolio -- J. Michael Pemberton.  How can you make your application stand out? How can you demonstrate your ability to handle the competencies "required" in job descriptions? One way is the electronic portfolio. This presentation gets you started thinking about developing this critical difference in the application process.  (Length: 15 min 26 sec)

Career Planning Series

This is two-module series on personal career planning for information professionals. Presentations cover “Let’s Think Strategically,” and "Creating a Strategic Plan for You, Inc.,"

  • Career Planning 1: Thinking Strategically -- J. Michael Pemberton, Professor.   The Career Planning 1 module addresses the important differences between jobs and careers, the difference between tactical and strategic thinking and planning, and why a personal strategic plan is valuable.   (Length: 18 min 22 sec)
  • Career Planning 2: Creating a Strategic Plan for You, Inc. -- J. Michael Pemberton. The Career Planning 2 module addresses integrating your personal interests, needs, and strengths into a strategic career plan that helps you to gain needed focus and direction in your career goals.  (Length: 16 min 44 sec)