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Academic Libraries


Sites hosted or focused on academic libraries or post-secondary education

United States

  • Academic 360 provides links to U.S. LIS job links across the country, separating faculty LIS positions from administrative. Site is designed for job seekers interested in a job in these two sections, and sites are primarily links to other job links, such as LISjobs, LIS jobNet, Library Postings on the Internet.

  • Academic Employment Network 
    Site provides job postings related to teaching jobs or other academic positions. Academic Employment Network (AEN) lists available positions in colleges, primary and secondary educational institutions for faculty, staff, and administrative professionals. Job posting is free. Job site requires user to search for job by keyword or title (at time of searching, no job was retrieved under library or media specialist.) Site also offers links to state requirements, such as certification requirements, professional development sites, relocation services, the U.S. department of education, educational resources, and other web sites offer job banks. Links are a brief list of general nation-wide internet job sites, not specifically library or education related.

  • Academic Careers Online
    Academic Careers Online includes faculty, research, post doc, adjunct, administrative, and senior management positions at (community) colleges, universities, and research institutes around the world. Site allows user to post resume and search through job bank by keyword. Library related jobs retrieved included professional, paraprofessional, and information management-related. Site search sometimes included international job positions (from Nigeria).

  • Academic Position Network
    The Academic Position Network is a free commercial job search site based in Minnesota. It lists a relatively small number of postings for positions in higher education. It includes a job search option, offers posting options, and a free job posting service. Site allows searching by state or country, academic or administrative field of interest, level of professionalism expected, and institution type.

  • EDUCAUSE Job site is maintained by EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. Site offers links to conferences, fellowships, scholarships, volunteer opportunities, and job opportunities. Jobs are mostly, but not limited to, academic positions. Almost all are information management-based, technical positions Site offers a fairly lengthy list of available jobs across country.

  • Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network 
    Offers links to library career advice columns, links on landing the first job, tenure track, mid-career, and administrative careers, as well as nonacademic careers. Job site includes 93 listings under libraries all over United States. Jobs include professional academic libraries, special libraries, special collections, and technical positions. Site aimed at wide variety of job seekers in the academic market.

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  • Auburn University
    Auburn University's Human Resource Department provides information on job applications, resources, and job vacancies at the university. The resources page includes information about working at Auburn, student career development, and faculty and non-faculty job openings. Each job link opens to a search page, where jobs are searched by position, category or department. Departments include Library-administrative, library-architecture, as well as two specific libraries on campus. Job categories also include IT, technical, clerical, and administrative.

  • Jacksonville State University
    JSU employment page offers lists of job openings within Jacksonville State University. Jobs include professional non-faculty and faculty positions, and include openings at the JSU library department. Site also includes an online application form.

  • Houston Cole Library at Jackson State University 
    This site is for the Houston Cole Library at Jackson State University. It provides, when available, a list of professional library vacancies. It also includes information on the library newsletter, library departments, and current personnel.

  • Samford University
    Samford University employment page lists academic employment opportunities at the university. Jobs are categorized by type, such as administration, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, and Libraries. Full and part time positions, as well as professional and paraprofessional jobs are listed here when available.

  • Troy University
    Troy University Human Resources Department offers positions at various campuses across the country, most in Alabama, but some including Florida, the Atlantic region, and some international areas. Jobs are also divided by divisions/colleges, such as administrative, which includes information technology related positions. For each location, jobs are organized by faculty, professional, and staff positions. Site requires user to choose an area, full or part time position, or both, to view possible job openings.

  • University of Alabama University of Alabama job site includes jobs separated into two categories, faculty and staff. Staff positions include technical, administrative, and clerical, and have to be searched by category or job type (no keyword search). Faculty link includes jobs categorized by department, including University Libraries. Most jobs posted are professional positions requiring a masters degree or experience. Main site includes a link to non-university jobs in West Alabama.

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham Human Resource department includes information on working at the university, benefits, compensation, data systems, records management, training, and other job-related information. Also included is a link for current job openings, including faculty and non-faculty positions. Jobs are categorized into university positions, hospital, faculty employment, temporary positions, and positions with affiliated institutions. Site offers Chinese translation, provided the browser and computer system has the correct software installed.

  • University of Alabama in Huntsville 
    Site lists job opportunities at University of Alabama at Huntsville. Site includes current staff and faculty openings. Staff positions include clerical, administrative, technical, paraprofessional. Faculty positions include a category for library.

  • University of South Alabama Human resource department includes current job listings for faculty, hospital, and staff campus employment. Library positions are located under faculty listings and include professional positions. Staff positions include administrative, technical, and clerical.

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  • University of Alaska Employment Opportunities 
    This is the University of Alaska's Human Resource services page. It includes links to benefit information, employment, trainings, and compensation and payroll information. Jobs are available from two links: search for new faculty/staff positions and positions opened prior to 9/6/05, when the system switched to the online format. The online search option allows searching by title, position number, employment type, job location, and job type. Library positions are located in Job Type, and some library position titles are included in Job Titles.

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  • Arizona State University Vacancy List 
    This site provides a listing of all ASU job openings, including those in the ASU libraries. It categorizes jobs as administrative and staff, faculty and academic professional, graduate assistant/associate, and student. Site includes searching by requisition number, location, area, job category, working title, and SR number. Library positions are listed under working title.

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  • University of Arkansas
    Employment Opportunities This is the University of Arkansas Employment Opportunities page. Librarian positions are in with faculty positions. There are also links to other types of positions, including classified, part time, student works, and all types of employment. 

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  • California Academic and Research Libraries (CARL) Job Announcements 
    Site posts mainly University job listings. Postings include title, with closing date/first consideration date for each posting. It posts mostly professional positions, with many temporary positions included

  • California Community College Registry 
    Site lists 841 open jobs in the CCC Registry, including library and Information Science positions, but is only available to members, which is apparently a free service requiring registration. Site allows user to search by region within California and by job keyword, includes a few positions related to libraries.

  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo This is the site of the Human Resources Department of California Polytechnic State University. It includes information on their online employment system, prospective employees, and employment after retirement. The site includes employment listings by categories, including staff and management, faculty and administrative, Cal Poly Foundation, Association Students, Inc., and Student Employment. Employment site includes searching by requisition number and job category (faculty, staff, management, any).

  • CSU Libraries 
    This CSU employment bulletin board lists all the open faculty and upper-level administrative positions at all 23 CSU campuses. Site allows user to search jobs by type (staff/management or faculty), location, and discipline/category. Faculty positions include librarian positions under discipline/category, as well as administrative positions, and links to CSU campuses. Library positions posted were listed as temporary or tenure-track.

  • California State University, Chico This site is for the Human Resources Department at the University of California, at Chico, CA. Site offers job opportunities, information for new and potential employees, and information for departments. Job opportunities are separated into faculty listings, staff and management positions, student employment office, A.S. Chico, and CSU, Chico Research Foundation. Faculty/staff job sites include a search engine that allows searching for positions at all CSU campuses, job type (faculty, staff), region, and category; Library positions are located under faculty. Positions are listed as tenure track or temporary.

  • California State University Dominguez Hills 
    This site is for the Human Resources Department at the University of California, at Dominguez Hills, CA. It includes staff and faculty positions, and has separate links for applicants and department heads/staff employers. Search page allows user to search by department, working job title, recruitment number, and category (faculty, staff, etc). The department categories include several library departments.

  • California State University Fresno 
    The CSU-Fresno site provides job information for faculty, management, staff, and student employment. There is also information for auxiliary services positions, and a free jobs listing website provided as a service to area employers and to students and recent graduates of California State University, Fresno. Faculty job postings are categorized, including library/student affairs.

  • California State University, Long Beach 
    Site has information on employee benefits, payment, training, and an open jobs link. Jobs are separated into categories of professional/administrative, administrative support, technical, trades/maintenance, temporary/on-call, and internal staff or faculty positions.

  • California State University Los Angeles 
    This site is the Human Resources department of California State University Los Angeles. It includes employment listings, information on the employment process and procedures, an application form, and performance-based salary increase. Job site is continuously updated and lists only currently available positions. Jobs are categorized as administrative/management, technical/clerical, trades/maintenance, student health center positions, and applicant pools. Beside each category is a number of open positions. Additional employment links for faculty and students are included.

  • California State University Monterey Bay The Human Resources Department of Cal State Monterey Bay categorizes positions as managerial and academic administrative positions, staff positions, and faculty positions, including tenure/tenure-track, and lecturers and librarians. There is also a link for student employment, information on benefits and payroll. The Lecturers and Librarians link includes a list of departments, the last of which is Library.

  • California State University Northridge 
    This site lists current job openings at California State University Northridge. Jobs are separated into staff and management. Staff positions are separated into health, clerical, technical, and administrative; professional, supervisory, and managerial; trades; and auxiliary organizations (non-state). Site also includes a list of recently filled positions.

  • California State University, Sacramento This is the Human Resources site of Sacramento State. It posts jobs listed as current staff career opportunities, and includes links to staff employment application, employment forms, status of positions closed for applicants, and the applicant process. Staff openings are listed by area (clerical, administrative, technical, academic, public safety, health care support, and physicians.).

  • California State University San Bernardino 
     This site of the Human Resources Department offers information on benefits, training, job postings, and other items of interest. Jobs are categorized as clerical, maintenance, management, professional, pool positions, technical, and other jobs.

  • California State University Stanislaus 
    This is the Human Resources site for CSU-Stanislaus in Turlock, CA. it includes information on employee benefits, services, training and development, and employment opportunities. Jobs are separated into management, staff, and faculty employment. Jobs include paraprofessional, professional, temporary, permanent.

  • Golden Gate University
    This web site of Golden Date University posts jobs at all levels of positions at the University. It includes current openings, application information, selection procedures, and benefits. Departments include administrative and academic, faculty and staff positions. Postings include date posted, part or full time, and a link to full job description.

  • Humboldt State University 
    This site for Humboldt State University lists job vacancies, relocation information, employee information, and payroll information. Staff vacancy announcements are published by the Human Resources Department and are normally updated Friday mornings. There is also a link for faculty and student employment. Library positions are listed when available but are also located under the temporary job link in the faculty positions page. Job listings open in an excel file spreadsheet (and at time of searching, all positions required two years relevant experience).

  • San Jose State University
    Links to Library and Information Science Professional Associations While the sites listed on this page can provide you with a step-up in the academic job market, there's also hundreds of professional information and library science associations that provide a listing of job opportunities for their members. Site maintained by San Jose State University. This page provides links to Internet sites maintained by various professional associations in the library and information sciences. A long list of library associations and their respective job sites.

  • Library and Information Science Job Links 
    Maintained by San Jose State University, this site offers a listing of job links, mostly in California and library related, but also general professional job sites, such as the Wall Street Journal Job Search, and links to three listservs focusing on library positions and job searches.

  • Sonoma State University The Human Services Department of Sonoma State includes employment services, faculty and staff training, job opportunities, payroll and benefit information. Jobs are categorized into current staff and administrative job opportunities, and faculty recruitment. Jobs include paraprofessional, professional, temporary and permanent positions.

  • Stanford University Jobs This is the site of SULAIR, the Stanford University Library. It includes librarian positions, staff, academic computing, Highwire Press, all SULAIR staff positions, and information on hourly student employment. There are also links to other employment sites for Stanford University.

  • University of California, Berkeley Library Jobs 
    Site includes current job openings at the library at Berkeley, California. Jobs posted include including temporary reference positions, special library positions, and permanent positions.

  • University of California Office of the President Job List This site offers a list of available job openings at the University of California. The site offers links to the positions by category, new weekly postings, positions by title, positions by department, and a search site by keyword and position department, location, and/or number. Job categories include professional, clerical, temporary, administrative, management, courtesy positions. A keyword search will search not only title or department, but also the job description.

  • University of California, Berkeley This site is the University of California-Berkeley Office of Human Resources. It provides information for careers at Berkeley, current openings, university employee information including new employees, community information, salary, and benefits, and information on professional career development. Job postings categories include library, internships, and information technology positions.

  • University of California-Los Angeles
    Site offers a long list of library positions in public and private libraries, academic libraries and private firms or institutions. Includes full-time and part-time positions, and first year experience librarian positions. Jobs are listed without links to specific job requirements or duties, and are separated into several different pages of links, out of state professional, in state professional, faculty, and student jobs.

  • University of California, San Diego The University of California-San Diego employment opportunities page offers job listings through the UCSD job bulletin, other UC job bulletins, career services center for UC students and alumni, academic recruitment, and a separate section for postdoctoral opportunities. The UCSD job bulletin includes staff positions, information on applications and internal recruitment, and temporary employment. Posted positions are career and temporary, including salary, department, and deadline, and are from all over the university, including dining services, psychiatric services, and academic departments.

  • University of California, San Francisco The UCSF Human Resources department includes job postings, benefits, development and training, staffing and compensation, employment assistance, and temporary employment. Jobs are from the campus and the UCSF medical center. Job search categories include information technology, and searches can also be by job type (full, part, temporary), and by keyword. Job listings include jobs from campus library. Keyword searches search titles, departments, and descriptions.

  • University of California, Santa Barbara This is the link to the main site of the University of California-Santa Barbara, with a link to the Human Resources department from the left navigation link, Working at UCSB. The site includes information on administration, benefits, employment, training, development, and information systems. On the right link from employment, includes job categories of staff, academic, student, systemwide openings for the and University of California. There is also information on employment contracts, limited appointments, background checks, employee driving records, and layoff information. Site allows job searching by keyword, title, department, and category. Library positions are located under staff openings.

  • University of California, Santa Cruz 
    The University of California-Santa Cruz includes job postings by category of academic, student, staff, and UC systemwide positions. Site allows job searching by keyword, title, department, recruitment type, and category. Staff Job category includes library. Retrieved postings include main library positions, special library/departmental positions, and information technology-based positions. Jobs are listed as full or part time.

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  • Colorado state University Job Openings This is the site of the Colorado State University Libraries. It lists positions in three categories: faculty/administrative professional, classified staff, and students. Staff positions are linked from the main CSU job site (

  • University of Colorado Job Opportunities: Employment This is the site of the University of Colorado Library job opportunities page. It includes jobs categorized into faculty, staff, and student positions. All link to corresponding types of positions for the university through the UC human resources page.

  • University of Denver Employment Opportunties 
    This site is the site for the University of Denver Human Resource department. It includes jobs, benefits, information for new employees, training and development, and employee services. The search site allows searching by position title, job category, and department. Library postings are listed in departments under Penrose Library or Westminster (Law Library).

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  • University of Connecticut Professional Employment Opportunities This is the University of Connecticut Library employment page for professional library positions. Site also includes a link to their employment page with information on other types of employment, such as student positions, as well as information on their criteria for professional librarians and procedures for promotions.

  • Yale University 
    Yale University Library: Human Resources department job site categorizes job positions by type, Librarian, Managerial, Clerical and Technical, Casual, Student, and Internships & Fellowships. Job positions are at main library and branch libraries within Yale Library system.

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  • University of Delaware This lists professional staff positions, including librarian positions, at the University of Delaware Library. It also links to other professional staff positions at the University through the Office of Human Resources. Site also includes information on the University’s system for rank and promotion for librarians.

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District of Columbia

  • American University Job/career site of American University, Washington, DC. Site is not specifically targeted for library positions, but site includes library openings when available.

  • Catholic University Positions Job site for Catholic University, Washington, DC, offering jobs available within the university. Site includes library positions when available.

  • Georgetown University Job site of the Georgetown University library, site separates jobs into categories of professional positions and library technical/support staff. Both categories lead to the Human Resources department site, where all library jobs are available under “Library Services.” Site has a separate link for temporary work.

  • George Washington University Job site of George Washington University’s Gelman library, site offers separate links for student employment, staff positions, and librarian positions.

  • Employment Opportunities at Washington Research Library Consortium  This is the WRLC employment page. Site posts professional and technology-related positions.

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  • Florida State University Employment This is the Florida State University job site. It includes a list of job openings for faculty level positions, most professional. Job listings include title and position number, with a link to descriptive information. 

  • University of Florida Employment Opportunities  This site is for the Human Resources Division of the University of Florida George A. Smathers Library. It includes on the left navigation bar Librarian positions, staff positions, and student assistant positions. Site also includes information on training, policies, career development, and location information.

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  • University of Georgia  This is a search site for the University of Georgia. It allows searching by keyword, institution, and position type. It searches all positions in the University System of Georgia. Keyword search for librarian retrieves professional librarian positions throughout the system, including institution name, department, description/title, qualifications/requirements, and required degree.

  • University of West Georgia JOBNET This is the job site of the University of West Georgia. Within this site users can search for jobs by category and geography, recruiting organizations, and headhunter. Job search resources include job search helps, resume aids, and salary information. Site also provides links to general search engines such as JobBankUSA and Listings by subject include ‘law library management’, but no other library-related category.

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  • Employment Opportunities This is the site of the University of Hawai’I at Hilo Library. It posts current job openings at the library. Site also provides information on staff and library policies.

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa Library System Site posts current job openings, including professional and paraprofessional positions. Also listed are any internship openings for students.

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  • Job Openings at the University of Idaho This is the University of Idaho Human Resources page. It posts job openings at the University of Idaho. It provides jobs categorized as classified (hourly), faculty, non-faculty/administrative, and temporary/student positions. 

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  • Northwestern University Positions This is the site of the HR Office of Northwestern University. The site also lists professional librarian position openings at the university library.

  • University of Chicago Library Job Openings This is the University of Chicago library job opportunities page. It includes job positions in categories of Librarian positions, information technology positions, exempt positions, clerical positions, and student positions. Clerical includes paraprofessional librarian positions, and exempt positions are administrative.

  • University of Illinois
    GSLIS, University of Illinois, lengthy listing of job sites, with a few links to GSLIS job information and other University librarian employment information, including student part-time jobs and graduate assistantships. Page appears aimed at recent graduates, and includes links or regional employment, school libraries and media centers, specialist librarians, information technology employment resources, overseas employers, and school jobs websites.

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Faculty and Academic Professional Positions This site posts faculty and academic professional positions at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign University Library. Jobs are professional and include title and status (open, interviewing, or closed). Some positions include special librarians and archivists. Site includes an employment link that includes information on civil service information and student positions.

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  • Ball State University Employment This is the Human Resources Department of Ball State University. It offers information on job openings, employee information such as handbooks, workman’s comp, training and development, payroll and benefits. The employment site is updated every Friday or as needed. It includes public positions, internal positions, and opportunities at affiliated organizations (Ball State Foundation was the only one listed at time of searching). Public positions are separated into faculty, professional, staff, and service. Professional section includes library positions.

  • Indiana University Site offers links for students, MLIS graduates, and MIS graduates. Links are sorted by career links and links to human resources and information pages, which include government/nonprofit work, corporate positions, MLS career paths, and MLS dynamic careers.

  • Indiana University Job Openings This is the Indiana University Human Resources Department site. It includes job postings for librarians, professional/administrative, support staff, service/maintenance, and hourly positions. 

  • University of Indiana University of Indiana job site, provides students with advice on what to do while still a student to prepare for a job, including workshops and internship positions, and advice on interviews, resumes, and beneficial sources to use when job hunting. It also has an employer page for placement help to recent graduates. Includes links to both MLS, which includes state government links as well as library links, and MIS sites, which include companies that hire information professionals with no library connections.

  • University of Notre Dame Libraries: Employment Opportunities This is the job opportunities site for the University Libraries at the University of Notre Dame, NJ. It lists library positions in categories of Library Staff, Library Faculty, and student positions, the latter separated into academic year positions and summer positions.

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  • Iowa State University This is the site for Iowa State University Library and lists contacts in the library. It also includes links to student employment. 

  • University of Iowa Position Vacancies 
    This is the job site of the University of Iowa Libraries and include position vacancies. Jobs are categorized as professional positions, recruiting librarians, librarian residency program, graduate assistantships, paraprofessional positions, and student employment. Site includes links for additional information for most types of positions, linking to the University of Iowa’s main human resource page.

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  • Kansas State University Position Announcements 
    This is the site of the KSU libraries. It includes jobs in four different categories: students, classified, unclassified, and post-MLS residency program. Librarian positions are under category "Unclassified" positions. The current openings for unclassified are included in a link to the KSU Human Resources site . Unclassified positions are listed directly, and at time of searching included professional reference and archival positions. Site includes at bottom of the page a list of related links, mostly to KSU, its history, and the Manhattan, Kansas, government.

  • Job Openings in the Kansas University Libraries This site is the University of Kansas Libraries job page. It posts current available positions, classified as librarian positions (faculty status), unclassified professional positions, university support staff positions, temporary and part-tie, and student positions. Site also provides links to the Human Resource Department of KU for additional searching for unclassified professional and support staff positions.

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  • University of Louisville Job Opportunities This is the University of Louisville, KY, library site. It lists job opportunities by job title. Professional librarian positions are listed directly, while library staff positions are linked through the human resources department. There is also student assistant information.

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  • Louisiana State University Libraries Employment Opportunities This is the site for the LSU Library employment opportunities. It lists currently open positions and the library in which it is located. It also includes links to student employment and graduate assistant employment. Jobs posted at time of searching were professional, and included special librarian positions.

  • University of Louisiana – Lafayette Employment Opportunities This is the site of the Edith Garland Dupre Library at the University of Louisiana. It lists current employment opportunities and includes information about the library. At time of searching, only professional positions were available.

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  • Johns Hopkins University Employment Opportunities This is the site of the Sheridan Libraries within John Hopkins University system. It lists job opportunities by category, including professional, technology, paraprofessional, and student employment. It includes job title, department/special librarian designation when available for professional positions.

  • University System of Maryland 
    The University Of Maryland site posts job positions within the university that relate to Library Science. Posted at time of searching were library positions (library assistant, and three library technical positions). Jobs can be professional, paraprofessional, or staff (High School or equivalent). The University main page offers links to employment opportunities at each individual University of Maryland university.

  • University of Maryland Employment Opportunities This site is for the University of Maryland and lists job opportunities for the campus. It includes faculty positions, staff positions, contingent positions, exempt positions, non-exempt positions, graduate assistantships, and student employment positions. Professional librarian positions are located within the faculty positions.

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  • Boston University Current Professional Openings Job Opportunities at Boston University is a weekly publication of non-faculty positions available at the Charles River Campus. The listing is ordinarily updated every Tuesday. They have two formats available for job searching, online and print ready, focused on how the applicant wishes to apply. Jobs are separated into individual campuses with job openings.

  • Harvard University Harvard University’s main job page, category search includes information technology, library, museum, research, and technical positions. There is also a section to search through jobs at allied institutions of Harvard, allowing searches by location, by salary, and keyword.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Library job page lists academic professional positions, paraprofessional, and student positions. Professional staff includes both library and technical personnel. Part time and temporary positions are included.

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  • Ferris State University Jobs By Type Job site maintained and hosted by Ferris State University. Site listing includes academic, administrative, paraprofessional, etc. Site includes primarily academic, as well as service positions and technicians. Several librarian positions were included, all tenure-track positions.

  • Hope College Career/Job Fairs Hope College Career Services provides this listing of spring semester career and job fairs.

  • Michigan State University 
    H-Net Job Guide
    H-Net of Michigan State University, East Lansing, provides this job service for librarians. It focuses on academic positions primarily in history, humanities, social sciences, rhetoric, and composition, as well as librarians, archivists, faculty members, and administrators. It allows user to browse jobs, submit jobs, and look at new postings, as well as two search engines - Search Job Guide (keyword search) and Advanced Jobs Search. Browsing includes category search, including library science, which then lists locations of current posted openings, with posted titles, to choose from.

  • University of Michigan Sites are maintained by U of Michigan and offers job search strategies, aimed primarily at recent graduates or current students. Site includes current job listings, options for students holding information degrees, national job positions, international positions, professional skills workshops, tips for resumes and interviewing, internship opportunities, and what a jobseeker should do after an interview.

  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Campus Job Postings Site includes job searching for campus-based jobs, salary ranges, useful links, archived articles. Useful links are links to local (Ann Arbor) information, such as art fairs and the local chamber of commerce, that might include job openings. Job search category includes Information Technology.

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  • College of St. Catherine Career Development Site of St. Catherine’s Information Management Job & Internship Opportunities Web site. Lists mostly academic information and library related jobs. Job postings are a few weeks old usually, but updated monthly. Jobs are positions at academic and public libraries.

  • University of Minnesota The Department lists job vacancies, including faculty positions, staff positions, graduate assistantships, student positions, and information on relocation assistance and working at the university. Staff positions include academic professional and administrative and civil service positions. Library positions are located under academic professional openings.

  • University of Minnesota Employment Opportunities This is the University Of Minnesota Library employment opportunity. It lists professional positions only. The site includes a link to the University of Minnesota Job Center for civil service, academic, student, and graduate assistantship positions. It also includes a separate link to locate student positions.

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  • Mississippi State University 
    This site posts positions open at the University Libraries at Mississippi State University. It posts professional positions when open, and offers a link to the MSU Human Resources Department for other open library positions, as well as information for students seeking part-time employment.

  • University of Mississippi This is the job search site for the University of Mississippi. It allows searching by job title, employee category, department, job date, and job type. In "Department" category, select the "Library" or "Law Library" category to locate library positions.

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  • University of Missouri - Kansas City Job site includes jobs separated into three categories: professional, support staff, and student positions. There is also a link to information on careers in libraries, which links to other pages with information on MLS or MLIS degree programs.

  • University of Missouri Libraries Links for Academic and Classified Staff Job listings. This is the Employment Opportunities page of the University of Missouri Libraries. It includes jobs organized into Librarian and Archivist job positions and Library Support Staff, which also includes student assistantships.
  • University of Missouri - St. Louis This site posts current positions at the University of Missouri Library and includes information on who to contact for further information.

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  • University of Montana This is the University of Montana Libraries job page at Missoula, MO. It lists academic/professional positions directly, and links to the UM’s Human Resource page for Library Staff positions and student employment opportunities.

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  • University of Nebraska This is the job search site for the University of Nebraska. It includes searching by requisition number, job category, job status, working title, vice chancellor reporting relationship, and keyword. A keyword search for “libraries” retrieves library positions, and some library titles are located in the working title category.

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  • University of Nevada, Reno This is the job site for the University Libraries at the University of Nevada, Reno. It lists positions in categories of librarians, classified staff, and student. The staff and student positions both include links for more information about each. Classified, non-faculty staff are usually filled by candidates from a recruitment list, compiled of previous applicants for classified positions at the library, who will remain on the list for one year.

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New Hampshire

  • Colby Sawyer College Site lists current job openings at Colby Sawyer College, including faculty, full time staff and part time staff.

  • Daniel Webster College Webster College employment site includes positions for faculty, staff, positions for graduate students, and library.

  • Dartmouth College Site of Office of Human Resources, the job page is accessible through “search postings,” which includes Library positions in the search category. Site does not require user to be a current student/alumni of Dartmouth to view jobs, but does require user to create an account to fill out applications for positions.

  • Southern New Hampshire University Human resources posts positions at the University, categorized by professional, faculty, staff, and temporary.

  • University of New Hampshire, Durham Job site includes positions at University of New Hampshire at Durham and Manchester, separated by job specification, such as faculty, academic administrator, operating staff, professional/technical staff, and temporary, non-benefits positions. Site also includes links to Granite State College, Keene, Plymouth, and the University Systems Offices.

  • University of New Hampshire, Keene Keene State College job site includes jobs for external applicants, as well as links to Granite State College, Plymouth State College, UNH-Durham and Manchester, and the University Systems Offices.

  • University of New Hampshire, Plymouth Plymouth State College separates job postings by job specification, such as faculty, temporary/non-benefits, staff, and student employment positions. Site also links to other State colleges and University of New Hampshire sites.

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New Jersey

  • City University New Jersey Higher Education Recruitment Consortium Site offers academic positions, administrative/staff/executive positions, and jobs in science and technology. Job searches can be organized by institution, region, and by academic discipline. Library positions are located under “Professional/Vocational Fields: Library Sciences.” Site offers free accounts to save job searches or search criteria, and receive email alerts of new jobs matching criteria.

  • Princeton University Link opens to Princeton University Library Human Resources Department web site, where there is information on applying to open positions at administrative or staff level openings. There is also a link to library assistant positions and hourly positions. Jobs are listed separately from links in the left navigation bar. Professional positions are for all types of special subject libraries and general libraries within the Princeton University system (there is one central and 15 special libraries).

  • The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers This is the Rutgers University Libraries’ Human Resources Department. It lists professional job openings for the library, including special librarian positions and archival positions. Library positions include library/branch location and campus location. Site posts jobs from all libraries within the Rutgers’ University Library system.

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New Mexico

  • New Mexico State University This site posts positions currently open at the Library at New Mexico State University. Jobs are categorized as library faculty, library professional, faculty positions at NMSU, professional positions as NMSU, a link to the NMSU human resources page for classified positions, and student employment opportunities.

  • University of New Mexico This site is for the University Libraries at the University of New Mexico. It includes jobs categorized into faculty positions, student employment, and staff positions. Faculty positions are professional and are at any library within the UNM Library system. The site also includes a link to UNM Employment Services page for additional job positions.

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New York

  • City University of New York This is the managerial and professional job site of the City University of New York. It includes technical and non-technical, professional and paraprofessional library positions when available. Postings include title, college, date posted, and deadline for application.

  • Columbia University Site lists employment opportunities at Columbia University Libraries. Jobs are primarily professional. There is a separate link to administrative and support staff positions that includes paraprofessional positions.

  • Cornell University This is the Cornell University Library Human Resources page, which provides information on library positions and applying for a library position. It supplies a link to the main Human Resources site of Cornell University to search for library positions. Site also provides information on living in Ithaca, NY, including links to housing, travel, education, and child care information, and local newspapers.

  • Cornell University Employment This site provides links to professional employment opportunities, current internships, and other sites with listings for professional and internship positions in the field of preservation. Site is on the Cornell University site, and includes jobs in history, preservation, education, and some managerial positions. Jobs are located across the country, and include hiring organizations (including county or state governments, private companies, nonprofit organizations, and academic institutions).

  • Syracuse University This is the Syracuse University Library employment site. It lists current openings with title, date posted, and application deadline. Jobs are professional. Jobs are categorized into library administration, SU job opportunities, and library staff web site. SU job opportunities site links to the SU human resources department.

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North Carolina

  • Duke University This is the Duke University Library Human Resources department. It includes listings of openings in the main library or affiliated libraries and departments. Categories include professional vacancies, support staff vacancies, internships and student positions. Special librarian positions are also posted.

  • North Carolina State University This site posts positions at the North Carolina State University Library. Jobs are categorized as Librarians and Administrators, Support Staff and Technical Positions, and Student and Temporary Employment. There is also a link for information about the library, the university, and the Research Triangle area.

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Site of Information & Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Site contains a list of job sites and resources online, and has a section for recent MLIS graduates. Site also provides many links to other Library job search resources. Most of the jobs listed are located in the U.S.

  • University of North Carolina a Greensboro This is the stie of the Office of the Provost at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It lists faculty and administrative positions, with a link to SPA staff positions and other UNC institutions job listings. Listed jobs include title, department, and position number. Jobs are listed alphabetically by department, and library positions are listed under “library”.

  • Wake Forest University This is the Human Resources online employment system for Wake Forest University. It includes search by job title, department, job category, and work location.

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  • Bowling Green State University This is the job site of Bowling Green State University Library, and employment is separated into student and faculty/staff openings. Student positions include internships and projects with openings. Faculty and staff appointments are professional and paraprofessional.

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  • Oklahoma State University The Oklahoma State University Library Personnel home page includes positions separated into faculty/librarian positions, A & P positions, graduate assistantships, staff positions, and student positions. Site also includes information on personnel policies, such as benefits and sick leave.

  • University of Oklahoma 
    This is the job site of the University Libraries at the University of Oklahoma. It lists jobs in categories of student positions, staff positions, and faculty positions. Available positions include title, salary, and hours (full/part time). Titles link to description of job.

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  • Oregon State University This site of the OSU Human Resources department includes job listings by category, academic faculty, instructor pools, and professional faculty. Each category includes an option to view openings by job number, department, and location. Library and research positions are located in the academic faculty category.

  • University of Oregon This is the job site of the University of Oregon Libraries. It categorizes jobs as academic/administrative job openings, classified (support staff) job openings, graduate teaching fellowships, student employment, and temporary librarian pool. There is also information on volunteer opportunities, a link to the Library Human Resources site, and a link to other campus employment opportunities.

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  • Carnegie Mellon University Site is job search page for Carnegie Mellon University, aimed at prospective employees. Site has information on living in Pittsburgh, other employees, work benefits and salary. Job types include research positions, technical and web-based positions.

  • Drexel University College of Information Science and Technology Includes primarily jobs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, with other northeastern states. May search by category (library and information science or information systems), posting date, and location.

  • Penn State University This is the site of the Penn State University Libraries’ Human Resource department. It includes library employment opportunities, library training and development opportunities, and information for current employees. Jobs are separated into faculty librarian positions, staff, student, and part-time/temporary employment.

  • University of Pennsylvania This is the Human Resources Department job site for University of Pennsylvania. It includes searching by title, job family, job opening dates, reference number, school/center, job grade, job description keyword, position type, and organization. Annenburg Library is included in Organization, and a keyword search for “library” brings up library-related openings.

  • University of Pittsburg Site maintained by the University of Pittsburgh, Division of Student Affairs. Site includes links to job listings for positions in Pittsburgh, the US, and throughout the world. Job posts include professional positions and student positions. Also included are links to cyber career councelors,, and Pitt Career Network. While listed jobs are included on the main site, to look at specifics requires an account, open to students and alumni.

  • Villanova University This is the Human Resource Department for Villanova University. It includes jobs in exempt positions, non-exempt positions, and university dining services positions. Site does not allow keyword searching, requiring user to scroll through job descriptions.

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Rhode Island

  • University of Rhode Island Site posts Library positions of all types, primarily in New England, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI. Jobs are categorized by New England Academic, NE Public, NE Special, and post-MLS fellowships.

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South Carolina

  • University of South Carolina Career Center This site of the University of South Carolina includes resume tips, job fairs, internships, and job sites for students, alumni, employers, faculty/staff, and parents. To search USC CareerLink job site, user must have USC account (students and alumni).

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  • Vanderbilt University This website provides links to employment information for library and information specialist jobs, from guidance resources to job search/job posting sites.

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  • Baylor University This is the job site of the Baylor University, and posts positions when available. It also links to the main University site, but includes no other information.

  • Lamar University This site posts job openings when available at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas. Site includes a link to the library main page.

  • Rice University This site posts job openings at Fondren Library at Rice University, Texas. It includes a link for additional job opportunities from the university’s main employment office.

  • Southern Methodist University This site is for the Southern Methodist University Libraries. It includes jobs categorized by the individual department/library system (Business Information Center, Bridwell Library, Central University Libraries, Underwood Law Library). Site is not well maintained, and several links are broken.

  • St. Edwards University This is the Human Resources Department for St. Edward’s University. It information on employment opportunities, benefits, staff, and the employee handbook. Jobs are categorized into faculty positions, administrative/managerial positions, support staff positions, and summer positions. Librarian positions are under faculty.

  • Texas A&M University This site posts jobs at the Texas A & M University. It includes jobs categorized into student positions (“Jobs for Aggies”), Clerical and Secretarial Positions, Library Career positions, non-faculty/Professional positions, faculty positions. Each section includes a link to application information.

  • Texas Tech University This is the site for Texas Tech University Libraries. It includes positions separated into faculty, professional/administrative/classified staff, and student positions. Staff, professional, and administrative positions are linked from the Human Resources department for the university. Other positions are posted directly onto the site.

  • University of Houston The University of Houston Libraries page posts library positions that require ALA-accredited master’s degrees. It provides a link to the University of Houston Staff Employment Opportunities page for other open positions at the library.

  • University of North Texas University of North Texas job site includes a long listing of available jobs, from several different professional levels. Jobs are full, part time, seasonal, paraprofessional and professional.

  • University of North Texas Career Center Site of the University of North Texas, this site offers information on co-op internships for pre-graduates of the university, requiring student registration for access. Non-registered can access information pages, such as those on the internships, student information on the co-op, interviewing tips and resume writing.

  • University of Texas School of Information Site offers job searching, links to their mentor program for alumni and current students, online job sites, resume posting, resume assistance, and workshop downloads. There is also an event schedule including career fairs and salary surveys. Job search link includes links on full-time, part-time work, internships, and volunteer positions.

  • University of Texas at Arlington This is the University of Texas Arlington Library site for employment opportunities. It lists positions by category, including professional librarian and classified staff positions, student employment opportunities, and volunteers and practicum students.

  • University of Texas, Austin, General Libraries
    The official job site of the General Libraries of The University of Texas at Austin offers listings of position vacancies as professional librarians, graduate research assistants (GRA) technical/para-professionals, and student/work-study employment.

  • University of Texas, Austin This is the site of University of Texas-Austin’s job site. Jobs are organized by topic on main page, covering government, academic, public libraries, public school libraries, etc. It links to a great many academic university’s job sites as well. Site is aimed at the general job seeker.

  • University of Texas-Austin: Jobs at UT-Austin Contains both full-time and part-time job openings at The University of Texas at Austin, including positions posted for the General Libraries and for information services throughout The University.

  • University of Texas-Austin Hire-a-Longhorn Part-time, Internship/Fellowship, and Temporary Positions from UT-Austin. This site offers student positions posted by the UT-Austin Office of Student Financial Services. This is the location for information about work-study positions. Site also includes interview information under Student link.

  • University of Texas at San Antonio This is the site of the University of Texas at San Antonio Library, and includes job positions by category, including professional and administrative positions, paraprofessional and support positions, and student employment. Site posts positions at libraries within the library system, and when applicable, open positions include title and location.

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  • Mary Washington College Department of Historic Preservation This site includes information for those interested in careers in historic preservation. Job and internship announcements are posted and updated weekly. Also, the site provides links to other jobs, internships, and other job-related information sites. It includes links to HABS employment opportunities, museum resource board job announcements, global museum jobs, Virginia state job links, Aviso employment resources, and Land Trust positions. Internships include Historic Deerfield Massachusetts, Smithsonian, and Museum Resource Board internships. It also includes other job resources with historic preservation, archeology, and museums.

  • Virginia Tech University This is the site of current vacancies in the libraries of Virginia Tech University. The site does not list jobs, but instead links to the University’s Human Resource department’s job page,  and provides directions to locating library positions in professional, paraprofessional, and student categories.

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  • University of Washington This is the University of Washington employment opportunities page. It includes a link for temporary jobs, benefits, and recruiting events in addition to the job page. Job searching is done through one of two pages, one for current employees (requiring NetID), and one for external candidates. Job search includes registration number, dates, title, job location, category, and keywords. Library is included in category.

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  • Swinburne University of Technology Site of Swinburne Careers and Employment page offers information for students entering the job market. Information for job seekers associated with Swinburne and the higher education sector, with useful links to other job sites. Swinburne job sites specifically are for students and alumni, and registration is required to access them. There is accessible information on career events, career resources, and a career resource library, which allows downloading of information on interviewing, cover letters, and resumes. Career services offers links to sites offering aid in job seeking, not specifically job sites.

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  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Information Studies University of Toronto offers a listing of library related positions across Canada, with links to other employment resources. It is updated regularly. JobSite lists vacancies for information professionals in areas included in the Faculty's curriculum: library and information science, archival studies, records management and information systems. Site seems aimed at anyone looking for jobs in library science, both academic and public.

  • University of Western Ontario, LIS Job Site Library related positions across Canada. It also includes job listings from U.S. and internationally in LIS departments, and an MLIS co-op program. Links site to other job-related sites. [Includes internships, and various levels of library positions. Aimed at recent graduates and established professionals. Jobs separated by U.S. and International, and Canadian.

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