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United States

  • American Association of School Librarians
    AASL is located from the American Library Association web site, and has information on school librarians, recruitment to school libraries, information on educational programs and certification across the country. It also includes a link to a bibliography on school librarianship as a career for those interested in researching it. Under recruitment, there is a link to “finding a job” which includes a list of links to job sites, most national, for librarians and school librarians.

  • Education America Network
    A basic job posting site with emphasis on education. Provides education employment opportunities in the U.S. as well as state certification and salary information, resume and cover letter writing tips, and interview advice. Site also offers links to international positions.

  • Education Week 
    Can be searched by region or position. Site specializes in K12 jobs for teachers and administrators, and provides career-advancing news and intelligence. Through a free membership service, site also offers email alerts, resume posting, and job seeker resources.

  • Fifty States' K-12 Employment Opportunities 
    Website run by University of Kentucky, and provides a list of 50 states to search for jobs. Links to job posting sites by state and jobs are all in education. Each state links to a statewide educational site, usually government site or Department of Education. Site includes links for nationwide certification information and international education job sites.

  • K-12 Jobs 
    " concentrates on job posting opportunities available at kindergarten, elementary schools, junior high, high schools and vocational schools." Site is free for job seekers but requires creating a membership account, which includes job alerts and resume posting. Site also includes job resources such as information about career fairs, certifications, and other educational resources.

    Information about becoming a teacher for all 50 states. Includes information on how to become a school librarian, requirements, certifications, job descriptions, and state-by-state employment statistics. 



  • Teachering Jobs Colorado Job site based in education job opportunities. It has information on Colorado based career and recruitment fairs, job openings, school districts, and about Colorado certification information. Job categories include several library-related positions, both for school media specialists and catalogers.


  • Florida Association for Media in Education 
    This site includes an employment opportunities. It includes a search site, that allows searching by position level, state, country, and type of institution. The type of positions include are school library/media specialists, television teachers, and technology coordinators. Type of institution references what level of education and type of school (private, public, etc) in which employment is desired.


  • School Media 
    This is the School Media site of Indiana University’s School of Library and Information Science department. It includes information on job postings by email, SLIS careers page, job searches by students, and MLS career links. It also includes information on certification requirements. The student site includes information on interviews, resumes, workshops, and allows job searching by state or country-wide.



  • Michigan Association for Media in Education 
    The site offers job titles including school library media specialists, school library, media and technology supervisors and coordinators, REMC directors and personnel, EMC and LRC directors, academic library/media faculty at university level, as well as students, teachers, principals, and other persons interested in library - audiovisual - media - technology areas of education. Jobs are listed by month.

  • Michigan Association of Public School Academies 
    Site offers listing of job opportunities by school level, then by school. Schools are exclusively charter schools. Site does not appear to have a means of searching through job listings other than manually.

  • Michigan Regional Education Applicant and Placement Program 
    Site is part of National School Applications Network, Michigan branch. It includes links to programs in other states (11 total: CT, IA, MI, NM, PA, GA, KY, MO, OH, TX, WI, with an additional US REAP, the national web site), information on employment in different Michigan school districts, applying out of state, customizing job searches. Site also includes information on job fairs. Job seekers can search for openings and post applications at the REAP site for free. The job search allows users to search by type of position, subject area, and region of the state. School districts pay a fee to participate.

  • Michigan Association of School Boards 
    Michigan School Jobs, requires MASB membership. Site offers teaching and administrative positions as well as resume posting. Search engine does not require logon to view jobs, and offers search category of “librarian.” (Search pulled a library media specialist position).

  • Michigan Teacher Network 
    This site offers job listings based on education or educators, and jobs are primarily based in Michgan. 

New Jersey

New York

  • New York METRO Magnet Jobs 
    New York METRO Magnet includes a job bank where local public, academic, special and school libraries post jobs


South Carolina

  • South Carolina Center for Teacher Recruitment 
    This site is for teacher recruitment programs in South Carolina. It includes information on individual recruitment programs, information for prospective teachers, current teachers, and administrators. The Prospective Teachers section includes a list of job openings, as well as teaching scholarships and fellowships. Job site allows searching by district, region, criteria, school year available, and keyword search. Category includes media specialists by school level.


  • Teachers.On.Net
    A free service for teachers, offering jobs in Australian schools in a range of sectors and locations. There are two ways teachers can use the site to locate a job: Searching is available via state/location, teaching level, subject and job type categories, and teachers are also able to place their profile details and a CV online. Site allows searching by category which includes ‘library’, which pulled at time of searching two public library positions, one primary school and one college level library position. Jobs were professional, for “teaching librarians” and either were part or full time.


  • International Schools Services 
    This is the web site of International Schools Services, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to excellence for children attending international overseas schools. They provide a comprehensive range of educational services for schools, educators, families and corporations. It includes information on applying for international positions for the coming school year (2006/07). It includes qualification requirements, documents to be submitted, application fees, and on the side navigation bar, there are links to teaching positions, administrative positions, and International Recruiting Centers and their locations. Each site includes information on applying, resumes, interviewing, and letters of interest.