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  • I Need a Library Job 
    Provides job listings, job-related blogs, resume postings, career development blog, links to online career development resources, advice on interviewing, statistics on librarian salaries, articles on getting started and profession related articles.

  • Library Spot 
    Site searches for librarian positions through google and additional links. It also provides several means to search for different types of positions, through category searches, and different library types listed on the left navigation bar. Each type of library link leads to a list of sites that provide job information on those specific types of libraries. Film libraries, academic, government, K-12, law, medical, national, presidential, public, and state libraries are all included.

  • Library Job Postings on the Internet 
    Site complied by Sarah L. Nesbeitt, a librarian at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and includes a collection of library science positions from around the country. Site includes individual libraries and academic institutions. Located at Eastern Illinois University, the site contains annotated listings of LIS job sites in the US and Canada. Site seems aimed at anyone looking for a job in libraries, includes a listing of job placement services, recruitment firms, and employment agencies that specialize in library, information services, and/or records management positions. Specific listings included in separate document file. Job listings include long lists of jobs from all over North America, including Canada, posted by date, but also separated into categories on main page].

  • Networked Librarian Job Search Guides 
    This site is key primarily for its page of links, each of which leads to massive collections of links to specific jobs sites by subject/library type, region, or by employer. Unfortunately many, if not most, links have so far appeared to be dead or out of date. Live job links included below.

  • WWW Library Directory
    This is a worldwide directory of libraries with web sites. Many libraries list job openings on their web sites. The site is organized so that libraries are locate d by state, then by countries. By clicking on a state, site opens a page listing of all libraries in that state and links to their web sites. Country sites include listing of every country currently existing in the world, with active links to about half of them.