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United States

    This site is signup site for a jobs listserv. Site includes archives of postings by week. Jobs are technology and information based, and subscribing does not appear to be required to view specific information on job positings.

  • Advanced Information Management (AIM)
    Advanced Information Management (AIM) offers Information and Library Personnel Staffing services. AIM has offices in Northern and Southern California. Includes both paraprofessional and professional level jobs for libraries or informational services.
    Information Organization—United States—American Association for Artificial Intelligence

  • American Association for Artificial Intelligence
    AAAI includes a job bank for relevant positions in information and computer related fields, as posted on the web site and from AI Magazine. Most jobs posted are computer or science research-based, and professional. Types of organizations hired include Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Honeywell Aerospace.

  • American Library Association
    American Library Association searchable database of jobs.

  • American Medical Informatics Association
    Under the home link in the top navigation bar, there is a link to Career Center, which includes a job search service, with free resume posting services, within the health care informatics field. Jobs are fee-based ($100 per month for members, $200 for nonmembers). Employers include academic universities, health care providers, hospitals, and libraries.

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
    A listing of jobs available with ANSI, with no real relation to library science, some distant information science relations when certain jobs become available. Most concern management, supervising, technical repair, or security positions.

  • American Society of Indexers (ASI)
    This site serves both employers in the publishing industry and information professionals specialized in indexing. The jobs hotline service is free to ASI members. For nonmembers, the fee for this service is $100 per year, and jobs are not viewable without fee.

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
    Career & Job Center ACM
    A United States-based international association that focuses on advancing the skills of information technology professionals and students worldwide. On the right navigation bar is a collection of links for careers, including opportunities, information for employers, and job seekers. It includes information on skills, professional development, IT trends, and recommendations on reading materials. Job search page includes a resume posting service. Jobs are separated into categories, most technical or information management based. Jobs are international.

  • Association for Educational Communication and Technology
    Site offers anonymous resume posting, job viewing, and a personal job alert. Site is targeted at education and information-based jobs. Jobs are from academic/junior colleges and at private corporations. Private institution jobs vary from web designers, information management and analysis, to sales.

  • Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP)
    Providing resources for independent information professionals, this site is useful to the solo practitioner and the information entrepreneur. It provides networking and support information and opportunities. It also provides information on independent information professionals, how to get started, and other relevant information. Site does not appear to include a job bank.

  • Association for Information Systems
    The Association for Information Systems is an international group that focuses on information systems. It offers a placement service (from the Member Services link on navigation bar) with instructions on university posting or applicants’ resume postings. Service is designed for AIS members. Site also includes applicant resume samples and job position samples. Non-AIS members must register before being allowed to use the site (charge for service).

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  • Association of Records and Management Administrators International
    Site is primarily for members, but allows nonmembers to search job listings with a provided standard password. Jobs include records management, analysts, and business analysts, but mostly jobs related to records management in various institutions, some academic, must most private businesses. Site has country-wide emphasis.

  • Auto-Graphics
    An information technology site that focuses on libraries, “The Agent suite of integrated products provides all the functionality your library needs - whether large or small — without the need for expensive maintenance contracts or IT staff.” It includes catalog services and library automation. While jobs listed tend to be technical/computer based positions, company would occasional hire information specialists or researchers for product development.

  • Cognitive Science Society
    The Cognitive Science Society includes an employment page accessible from the top navigation bar. It includes faculty positions, postgraduate positions, Phd position levels, research assistants and other positions. Most of the positions are professional and related to medicine, psychology, and technology. Site includes some related information technology positions.

  • Dictionary Society of North America
    The Dictionary Society of North America does not employ a job list, but it does have a members-only system for Lexicographers, who can add their names to a list for lexicographers seeking employment, which is then open to employers to search. The site also includes a members-only listserv.

  • HF Careers
    Career site dedicated exclusively to Human Factors/Ergonomics professionals. It is a site focused primarily on information, Human-Computer Interaction, usability, interface design, etc. Site includes career tools (a list of international conferences), and resume options, including uploads resumes and cover letters. Registering also allows one to use a job alert email system.

  • Human-Computer Interaction Resource Network (job postings by geographic region)
    Site includes job listing organized by geographic region (North America, Asia, Europe, etc.). Jobs are primarily information related, such as web designer, data analysis, and information management. Site offers no additional services to job seekers.

  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Placement Service
    A place for job seekers to post resumes. Site offers resume searching for employers. Resume posting and job searching for HFES members only.

  • Information International Associates, Inc.
    (IIa) is a woman-owned, small business headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee with 25+ years of experience providing innovation solutions to the Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Department of Defense, and other federal agencies. IIa has a world-class reputation in scientific and technical information services, national and international information policy and standards development, librarianship, and intelligence work.
  • Internet Library for Librarians Job Site
    This website is designed for librarians looking for employment, includes links to resources related to librarianship. The site is composed of a variety of professional job links, including LISjobs, ARL, IFLA, and other organizations.

  • Lexis Nexis
    Job site for LexisNexis. Site includes library and technical IT jobs, and allows user to select from categorized job types, including research/librarian.

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  • MarketingBase Mentor
    MarketingBase Mentor is an email-based training program for independent information professionals and business researchers. This information brokering training site offers programs tailored to each student. Other training opportunities include telephone training and personalized retreats. MarketingBase is a firm specializing in industry, company and competitive and market intelligence research.

  • Microsoft
    The job site of Microsoft lists jobs through a career path navigation bar that singles out job fields. Site would be of most interest to the computer-based information management student, with job categories in usability, and user assistance and education. It also includes a listing of internships.

  • OCLC
    Job site lists job openings by location across country, including database developers, administrators, budget analysts, and metadata specialists. Jobs are technical and library related, in the organization for various levels of professional work in four different locations, three in US, one in Canada. Site includes library and information science type jobs, aimed at anyone looking for a job in these fields. It also includes a section on working for OCLC and an application process page.

  • ProQuest
    ProQuest Careers is under the About Us menu link. Site includes a listing of jobs by category, including sales, serials administration, development, manufacturing, electronic content management, and sales.

  • School Library Journal Job Zone
    Web site of School Library Journal job zone/career page. Page allows user to search by category, including academic libraries, children’s/young adult, management, public libraries, and technical. Jobs are also posted in School Library Journal print version. Site also has links to professional resources, library schools, other organizations, and tips for new librarians.

    SIRSI is a technology company focusing on libraries. This site lists job openings in technology and library-related areas, and includes a summary of benefits, and information on each job location or city.

  • Smithsonian Institute Internship Opportunities
    Smithsonian Institution web site for internships, research, and fellowships. Site includes information on research programs, available internships and fellowships, application procedures, and a link to the Office of Fellowship Applications.

  • Society for Technical Communication
    STC's Technical Communication Job Bank is the place for technical communicators and their potential employers to find each other.  Service is free to members.

  • Sologig
    Sologig is a site for "freelancers, consultants, and independent professionals." The site requires a fee-based membership to access a database of projects across the country. Site also provides profile posting for members seeking jobs.

  • Taylor & Associates
    Taylor & Associates is a library management and personnel placement firm. The organization offers services ranging from filing to library automation. They offer temporary and permanent placement of information staff, ongoing library and records management, and consulting. They focus on the San Francisco Bay Area, but also include the United States and Canada. Their site for job seekers includes resume tips with examples of resumes for specific library positions, typical job descriptions, and contact information for Taylor and Associates. Company requires user to contact them for more information on job placement or resumes.

  • Thomson Reuters Careers
    This site of Thomson Reuters includes information on employment at Thomson Reuters and their many different companies. It includes a searchable job site with keyword searching and advanced search capabilities. 

  • User Experience Professionals Association Job Bank
    Jobs in user research, information design, information architecture etc. Primarily focused on information technology job seekers (including engineers, website designers, digital architects, etc), and includes across-country job listings and date of posting.

  • Visual Resources Association Current Job Opportunities
    This site offers a listing of current job opportunities in image media and audio-visual resource centers, libraries, museums, and archival institutions. The list shows the date the job was posted and a link to the job description. The site also has links to the ARLIS (Art Libraries Society of North America) Internship Roster and to other job resources for visual resources professionals, including LITA, ALA, and the Chronicle of Higher Education Network.

  • Advanced Information Management (AIM)
    Site includes job listings for professional or paraprofessional, permanent or temporary, small firms, public and private libraries, and academic libraries. Includes a long listing of jobs based in Southern California.

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  • Cadence Group
    "The Cadence Group, Inc. is an Atlanta-based information management corporation who helps companies turn information into knowledge." information management company that helps organizations efficiently acquire, organize, and disseminate information. Site offers currently available jobs in the company, most information or technology based, and a listing of jobs sometimes available at either the Washington, D.C. or Atlanta branch, which includes librarian positions as well as information management.


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