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Museums and Archives

United States

  • Association of Moving Image Archivists 
    Job openings are posted to AMIA's list AMIA-L; see the web site for subscription information. Site also includes scholarship and fellowship information. Aside from job postings through the listserv there doesn’t appear to be a specific job posting page.

  • American Association of Museums - Aviso Employment Resources Online
    This site is an online supplement to the monthly newsletter of the American Association of Museums and contains job listings for museum professionals. The current edition includes job listings from the last two months of publication. A searcher may browse by category or region, search, or view all the ads in the database. Most of the ads are written in great depth of detail and include information for direct contact with the hiring agency.

  • Society of American Archivists 
    Site to SAA’s online employment bulletin, a list of job openings in the field of archives. Jobs are listed by date, position and institution, varying from academic, public library, and private institutions. Offers country-wide listing of archival and archives related positions in SAA’s online employment bulletin. Site also includes links for students, primarily describing the student chapter of the SAA, descriptions of archival studies programs and the archival field.

  • Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association 
    The Louisiana Archives and Manuscripts Association does not have a job bank, but it does  include a long list of links to associations and organizations related to archives, museums, academic universities, preservation and manuscript related areas. These are separated into those in Louisiana and those across the United States.

  • Society of North Carolina Archivists
    Site offers information for North Carolina-based archivists. 

  • Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum 
    Museum employment page offers links to open positions and internships. There is also a volunteer section, including science fairs and holiday presenatations.

  • Society of Ohio Archivists 
    The Ohio History Connection site does not appear to include a job site, but it does include information on internships, mentoring programs, workshops, and a listserv that is open to the public that posts job openings as well as other news related to the archiving profession.


  • Australian Society of Archivists 
    The Australian Society of Archivist web site includes information for Australian based archivists. While not including a job bank, the site includes a listserv that includes job postings when available. The site includes information on subscribing and includes an archive of previous postings. Archive can be viewed by thread, subject, author and date.


  • Association of Canadian Archivists 
    The Association of Canadian Archivists promotes leadership and represents the needs of the archival profession. The site contains information on conferences, mentorship programs, student chapters, special interest archives, member benefits. There is no job site, but the mentor program includes information for mentees (students or new graduates) and mentors. There is no indication that applicants have to be Canadian, but mentorship is with the Canadian Archival Community.

  • Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives 
    Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives does not appear to have a job bank, but includes information on their listserv CARTA and how to join, as well as information on publications and conferences.

United Kingdom

  • National Archives of England, Wales, and the United Kingdom
    This site offers current vacancies at the National Archives of the United Kingdom. At the bottom of the page it includes a list of current vacancies, most professional, permanent positions, with links to the job descriptions. The site also includes information on working at the archives, equal opportunity policies, and other staff members.

  • Museums Association 
    Site has job/career link on left navigation bar. Page includes jobs at Museums Association, other museums, and has information on working at museums. Job search page for other museums is designed for members only; nonmembers can search and read job titles, but not view specifics of the job posting.

  • Museum Jobs 
    Site offers links to national and international job openings, listed by date and then by location in a side bar. Site offers job alerts by email. Job site is maintained by an organization based in Scotland, and most international jobs are isolated to United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

  • Archives and Records Association UK & Ireland 
    This site is designed to helping anyone working in archives, records management or conservation develop their skills and career. It includes job information for anyone considering a career in archives, records management or conservation. Site includes job vacancies, overseas conferences, training, working abroad, and a link to continuing professional development information. Current vacancies are provided for members only, (through the latest online issue of ARC Recruitment), while non-members are able to view the previous edition online.

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