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ICT Learning Resources

Deweys denThis learning resource list is meant to be a guide only and is by no means a complete list.  In addition to the resources linked to below, all current UTK students have full access to online training videos, an excellent resource for learning technology skills.  We have a Playlist for SIS ICT Resources that may be helpful in getting started.  

Basic Knowledge of Computers

There are many books on basic computing at your local library or bookstore, and has many tutorials on this subject. An example is "Computer Basics Absolute Beginner's Guide ," (8th Edition) (Paperback) by Michael Miller.

You may find these electronic resources helpful:

Basic Computer Tasks

Using different types of productivity software

Students at UT can access for tutorial videos on productivity software. There are several "Getting Started" courses on basic Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, among the many hundreds of courses offered. The website In Pictures offers tutorials of many software programs using easy to follow screen shots. Many libraries and community colleges also offer computer training classes.  Most libraries have how-to books for using productivity software. There are several books at UT's Hodges Library on using Microsoft Office and Office 365. 

Using electronic forms of communication

There are many videos covering electronic communications. All incoming SIS students are provided with a Volmail/Outlook email account. 

Internet Skills

There are several tutorials about using the Internet.

Moving Files

There are many books on the subject of SSH and STFP. "SSH, the secure shell: the definitive guide," by Daniel J. Barrett and Richard E. Silverman, is an example that is available at Hodges Library.