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Undergraduate Minor in Information Studies & Technology Planning Form

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Submit this planning form if you are applying for Undergraduate Minor in Information Studies & Technology. Please include the INSC courses you have taken and those you plan to take. In addition, please submit (either hand delivered or by US Mail) a hardcopy of your Academic History to the School of Information Sciences, 1345 Circle Park Drive, 451 Communications Bldg, Knoxville, TN 37996.

Your Academic History is a listing of the courses you have completed to date. You can obtain this from by logging onto MyUTK and select the Academic History option to print out your grade report for each semester.

Required Courses
These three courses are required for the IS&T Minor.
CCI 150 Communication in an Information Age (3)
INSC 102 Technologies for Information Retrieval (3)
INSC 310 Information Seeking: Resources and Strategies (3)
Additional Courses
Choose 3 additional IS&T courses (3 hours each for an additional 9 hours credit)
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