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American Library Association/Tennessee Library Association

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2017-2018 ALA/TLA Student Officers
Co-Presidents: Zoe Bastone ( & Kristina Clement (
Vice-President: Tyler Marindale (
Secretary: Brianne Dosch (
Treasurer: Olivia Fredrick (
First-Year Representative - Campus: Rebecca Bryan (
First-Year Representative - DE: Hilary Jasmin (
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bharat Mehra (
How to Join ALA/TLA
Good news! The joint membership forms to join ALA/TLA are now available on ALA's website. Find the form for the Tennessee chapter here. The fee is $38.00 for both a national and state membership for students.
If you are interested in joining just the campus organization for $5.00 please fill out this form and return it to the School of Information Sciences with payment enclosed.
Please note, if you join ALA/TLA through the joint membership application process you do not have to pay the $5.00 campus organization fee. TLA will distribute funds to the student organization through the $38.00 joint membership fee.
For more information, feel free to contact one of the officers.