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Information Sciences Career Pathways

What is an Information Sciences Pathway?

A Pathway is a listing of courses and other information that are especially relevant to a particular area of study or career setting. Each Pathway is designed to help students with specific career goals in that area to identify the courses with content that addresses those goals most directly. Information science is a broadly applicable field, and this degree program prepares students for a very wide array of career choices. This flexibility is a real strength for our graduates entering the job market, but it means that SIS must offer courses on an equally wide array of topics.  

What Current Pathways Does the UT School of Information Sciences Offer?

Am I Required to Take Every Course Listed on a Pathway?

Pathways are merely helpful guidelines for students to navigate our program, and help with achieving career and educational goals. The listed courses are not required or mandated.

What if I Can’t Find a Pathway for my Area of Interest?

Pathways are often focused on more easily-defined career settings, but there are many other ways to use the MSIS degree that may not covered by a Pathway. The online limit to your career opportunities with an MSIS degree is your own imagination, and we encourage our students to consult with their faculty advisors

Do I Still Have to Speak with my Advisor, or Can I Just Follow a Pathway?

Pathways are not substitutes for advising sessions. Faculty advisors are always the definitive source for information about which courses are the best choices for your career preparation.  

Will the List of Pathways Change? How about the Pathways Themselves?

Pathways are dynamic lists that will be continually created and updated by faculty over time, to reflect changes in course offerings, and emergent areas of interest. The list of currently available Pathways is far from exhaustive, and does not reflect the full range of areas of specialization addressed by the SIS curriculum.  

I am on the School Librarianship Track. How do I use the Pathways?

Students interested in school librarianship/school media specialist careers should visit this part of the SIS webpage to access information about course planning documents: . This area of interest does not use a Pathway because its curriculum is mandated by the state as part of K-12 teaching licensure.