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Practicum Deliverables

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It is important that each practicum be a success for the student and for the host/supervisor and for SIS. To that end, there are several requirements for the practicum student: 

Keep an Activity Log: the student should maintain a record of practicum activites for each date, with hours logged, tasks/responsibilities performed and reflections of the activities.  The Activity Log will be helpful in preparing the Practicum Reflection Paper. 

Post in the Practicum Canvas site as required in the Practicum Syllabus. Students should use the discussion board on the Online@UT (Canvas) site to post observations, experiences and insights concerning their practicum. 

Write a Practicum Reflection Paper.  The student submits an un-graded typed report of 6-10 pages describing and evaluating the nature, progress, and value of the practicum in terms of meeting the original practicum objectives. This report provides the student's view and assessment of the perceived value of the practicum experience as it relates to his/her practicum objectives, total program of study, and future professional goals.

Ask the Site Supervisor to complete the online evaluation form. The student should make this request at the end of the practicum, near the end of the semester. 

Submit the Student Practicum Experience online form. The student should submit this form after practicum work is finished, near the end of the semester.