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Practicum Guidelines

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The following guidelines apply:

  • All required courses relevant to the practicum will have been completed.
  • The student must not be on Academic Probation during the semester prior to the beginning of the practicum.
  • Because students cannot do practicum work identical to that for which they are paid, a student does not normally do a practicum in an information organization where he/she is employed. With consent of the practicum coordinator, however, a student may undertake a practicum in a department/unit within the organization other than the one in which he/she normally works. But this should be done only (1) when there is real need—not merely for convenience--and (2) does not violate federal or state wage and hour guidelines.
  • A student may not take a practicum for more than three credit hours of IS 599 if employed more than 20 hours per week.
  • It is very important that the nature and quality of the practicum experience as desired by the student and SIS (for the student) be understood in general terms by both the student and the practicum supervisor. The practicum should approximate a range of professional-level activity within the student's ability. For that reason, practicums of a "project" type are frequently discouraged as too often they are clerical-level activity that provides little by way of genuine learning. Thus, they may not be appropriate to a Masters-level practicum experience. Exceptions are made, however, in the case of project-driven environments (e.g., systems departments, library development campaigns, planning a library move, etc.) or where the project is meaningful feature of the practicum.
  • While every reasonable effort will be made to facilitate provision of a practicum experience for a student meeting all qualifications and following all necessary procedures, availability of a practicum cannot be guaranteed.