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Practicum Roles and Responsibilities

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There are four roles related to a SIS Practicum:

  • Student
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Practicum Coordinator 
  • Site Supervisor


  • Primarily responsible for initiating the practicum process.
  • Creates a list of learning objectives by working with the SIS Faculty Advisor.
  • Identifies the practicum site and supervisor.  The Practicum Coordinator may help with the site selection. 
  • Completes practicum work requirements and fulfills practicum deliverables

Faculty Advisor:

  • Assists student in developing a list of learning objectives for the practicum.
  • Reviews and approves the proposed practicum as being relevant to the student's program and career interests.

Practicum Coordinator:  

  • Assists the student with identifying the practicum site and placing the practicum
  • Responsible for supervision of the practicum experience once the faculty advisor and site supervisor have approved the student's practicum application.
  • Coordinates communications between the site supervisor, facutly advisor, and student.
  • SIS Practicum Coordinator is Diane Kelly, Ph.D, SIS Director,  865-974-2148; 

Practicum Supervisor:

  • An upaid, seasoned information professional who will provide a professional work experience for the student.
  • Supervises and mentors the student during the practicum. 
  • Works with the student to develop the list of learning objectives.
  • Reviews and approves the proposed practicum as being appropriate for the site and the student.
  • Completes the Supervisor Evaluation of Student Practicum at the end of the practicum.