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Practicum Setup Steps

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Basic Steps for SIS student to set up a practicum (see below for a more detailed explaination)

The semester before the practicum:  

  1. Student connects with SIS faculty advisor, contacts the Practicum Coordinator and identifies a practicum location with a Practicum Supervisor
  2. Student develops list practicum objectives
  3. Student submits the SIS Student Practicum Application Form
  4. Practicum Supervisor and SIS faculty advisor review the student's application and submit Practicum Application Approval Form
  5. Upon practicum application approval, student registers for 3 or 6 hours of INSC 599

During the practicum:

  1. Student completes the required practicum work, with documentation 

After student completes the practicum:

  1. Practicum Supervisor completes Supervisor Evaluation of Practicum Student
  2. Student completes Student Practicum Experience Evaluation
  3. Student completes the Practicum Reflection Paper and other deliverables

Detailed Explaination of the Practicum Process

Application Procedures and Deadlines:

Interested students should discuss their interests with their Faculty Advisor, contact the Practicum Coordinator, and identify a practicum location and Practicum Supervisor, during the semester prior to the term in which they wish to do a practicum.  Practicum objectives should be developed by working with the Advisor.  Application deadline is the end of the semester before the one in which the practicum will occur.

Students should then discuss their practicum objectives with the Supervisor, and also negotiate the terms of the practicum, including the actual duties expected of the student, and a mutually-approved work schedule.

The student should then submit the online SIS Student Practicum Application Form, which is automatically sent by email to the Practicum Coordinator, the Advisor, and the Practicum Supervisor, for their review.

The Supervisor and Advisor will each indicate to the Coordinator their acceptance of, modifications to, or rejection of the practicum objectives, by completing the Practicum Application Approval Form. If the Advisor and/or Supervisor indicate a change is necessary, or that the objectives as presented in the application are unacceptable, the Coordinator will contact the student to ensure that the specified changes are made, or if rejected, that the student contacts the Advisor. The student would then resubmit the application with the revised objectives. 

After the Practicum Coordinator has received the Practicum Application Approval form submissions  from the Advisor and Supervisor indicating their approval of the application, the Practicum Coordinator will email the student and the SIS Student Services Coordinator of the practicum's approval and activation. 

After the student has received the Coordinator approval form email, the student should register for 3 or 6 units of INSC 599. Once the practicum semester begins, the student will be able to access the INSC 599 Canvas course site at Online@UT.

Practicum Evaluation by Supervisor: Students will calculate the end point of their practicum (completion of the required 150 hours). Before the end of the practicum, students should ask their Supervisor to complete the online Supervisor Evaluation of Practicum Student.

Practicum Reflection Paper: Students will submit an un-graded 6-10 page report describing, reflecting on, and evaluating their practicum experience, at least one week before the last day of classes for the semester. More information concerning requirement for the report is located under Practicum Deliverables.

Student Practicum Experience Evaluation: Students will fill out a Student Practicum Experience Evaluation at the end of the Practicum. The form will be submitted to SIS Practicum Coordinator in the final week of classes for the semester.

For more information, contact:

Diane Kelly, Director,  Practicum Coordinator
School of Information Sciences
451 Communications Building
1345 Circle Park Drive, Suite 451
Knoxville, TN 37996
(865) 974-2148