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Comprehensive Exam (*No Longer Offered After Summer 2019)

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Date for Comprehensive Exam, Summer 2019: Friday, June 28, 2019
Date for Comprehensive Exam, Spring 2019: Friday, March 29, 2019

M.S. degree candidates who elect the non-thesis option take a four-hour examination that integrates and focuses the knowledge and experience gained from courses and professional reading. Questions reflect broad educational experiences and require students to integrate knowledge gained from the program.

The comprehensive examination must be taken in a student's final semester. There is no exception to this policy. Graduation forms must be completed and approved during the preceding semester. The comprehensive examination committee is composed of three SIS faculty members who serve on a rotating basis. Students register for the examination with the SIS coordinator of student services in the semester prior to their final semester. Students then receive notice of examination details, including the date, time, building, and room number.

Students taking the examination have access to an orientation website that discusses faculty expectations regarding answers, grading, and how to prepare for and take the examination. An orientation to the comprehensive exam is held one month before the examination and reviews the procedures for completing the examination, provides information concerning its evaluation, and consequences if the examination is not passed. Previous exam questions are posted below.

Comprehensive Examination Orientation 

Past Comprehensive Exam Questions