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Ph.D. Program Overview

PhD ProgramProgram Goal

The goal of the Ph.D. program is to prepare graduates for positions in research-intensive institutions if they so choose. This preparation will also enable them to work at other types of educational institutions and industry positions.

Program Curriculum and Concentrations

Students complete a common core curriculum that spans the communication and information fields. After completing the core, students choose a concentration area in advertising, communication studies, information sciences, journalism and electronic media, or public relations. Students may also create a personalized concentration area. For more informations, see the College Doctoral Program website.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students should

  • Be prepared to be successful in academic positions at local, regional and research-intensive institutions.
  • Have confidence in their research abilities.
  • Have had the opportunity to prepare, submit and present/publish research manuscripts before completion of their degree either alone or in conjunction with faculty.
  • Be well versed in philosophy of inquiry, be familiar with the theoretical and methodological traditions that constitute the body of knowledge in areas of communication and information studies, and steeped in the literature of at least one (preferably more) specific discipline(s) represented by the college.
  • Have a working knowledge of the fundamental principles and practices of at least one discipline represented by the larger university beyond their primary area within communication and information study.
  • Be prepared to teach in the classroom at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Have experience with the scholarly and professional associations relevant to their area of study/teaching.
  • Have an understanding of the types of service expectations they may encounter in their academic careers.