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SIS Faculty Committee Assignments

SIS Committee Assignments

Below are the University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences faculty committee assignments for the 2018-2019 academic year:

Administrative Committee

• Diane Kelly (Chair)
• Rachel Fleming-May
• Vandana Singh
• Carol Tenopir (Elected Faculty Representative)

Assessment and Awards Committee

• Diane Kelly (Chair)
• Rachel Fleming-May (ex officio)
• Vandana Singh (ex officio)
• Devendra Potnis
• Cindy Welch
• Awa Zhu

Diversity and Inclusion Officer

• Bharat Mehra (Fall)

Faculty and Doctoral Student Affairs Committee

• Dania Bilal (Chair)
• Devendra Potnis
• Carol Tenopir

Master’s Program Committee

• Rachel Fleming-May (Chair)
• Suzie Allard (Spring)
• Carolyn Hank
• Bharat Mehra (Fall)
• Cindy Welch
• Tanya Arnold

Undergraduate Program Committee

• Vandana Singh (Chair)
• Wade Bishop
• Peiling Wang

Note: SIS Director is ex officio on all committees.