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SIS Committees

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Faculty committees within the University of Tennessee, Knoxville School of Information Sciences play a key role in the direction of our programs and organizing most-important priorities. Below are the faculty committee assignments for the 2018-2019 academic year:

• Administrative Committee
• Assessment and Awards Committee
• Diversity and Inclusion Officer
• Director's MSIS Student Advisory Council
• Director's Research Advisory Council
• Faculty and Doctoral Student Affairs Committee
• Master's Program Committee
• Undergraduate Program Committee

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee advises the Director. This committee helps formulate and implement departmental procedures and personnel matters not delegated to other committees or to the faculty at large. The committee shall help set School priorities by providing input to the Director on committee charges. This committee also assists with planning. In addition, the elected faculty representative brings forward to the Committee any issues that faculty would like discussed related to administration.

• Diane Kelly (Chair)
• Rachel Fleming-May (Director of Graduate Studies)
• Vandana Singh (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
• Carol Tenopir (Elected Faculty Representative)

Assessment and Awards Committee

The assessment and awards committee is responsible for creating and maintaining processes for ongoing evaluation and assessment of the program, including learning outcomes. Responsibilities also include data analysis and reporting, and administration and management of capstone projects for the graduate (e.g., comprehensive exams, ePortfolio, thesis) and undergraduate programs. This committee will also manage the SIS student awards program, and advise and assist the Director with nominations of faculty, student and alumni for awards.

• Diane Kelly (Chair)
• Rachel Fleming-May (ex officio)
• Vandana Singh (ex officio)
• Devendra Potnis
• Cindy Welch
• Awa Zhu

Diversity and Inclusion Officer

The Diversity and Inclusion Officer's role is to monitor and advocate for diversity and inclusion within the School of Information Sciences, the College of Communication and Information, and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. View our current D&I Officer. 

Director's MSIS Student Advisory Council

The Director’s MSIS Student Advisory Council advises the Director on matters of concern to MSIS students and provides a forum to work with students on various initiatives and projects.

• Valerie Aucoin
• Hannah Brandon
• William Brandon
• Lauren Cole
• Heather Doncaster
• Nick Floyd
• Sarah Gonzalez
Emily McCutcheon
• Jared Uncles
Joseph Winberry
• Tanya Arnold (Coordinator of Student Services)

Director's Research Advisory Council

The Director’s Research Advisory Council advises the Director on how to promote and support research and scholarship within the school, including how to better enable and support student research.  This council will work with the Director to plan research colloquium and other events that increase the School’s and College’s awareness of research in the field of the information sciences. 

• Suzie Allard
• Wade Bishop 
• Carol Tenopir

Faculty and Doctoral Student Affairs Committee

The Faculty and Doctoral Student Affairs Committee reviews and recommends policies and procedures relating to workload equity, faculty evaluation, hiring and review of lecturers and adjunct professors, teaching issues (e.g.; team teaching, introducing new instructional technology), and faculty development/training needs and priorities. This committee will also assist CCI in managing IS PhD students and the program, including the admissions process.

This committee will assemble and manage the Tenure and Promotion Committee as needed. The Tenure and Promotion Committee consists of all tenured faculty for persons being considered for promotion from assistant professor to associate professor, and all full professors for persons being considered for promotion from associate professor to full professor. The chair of the Faculty and Doctoral Student Affairs Committee serves as the chair of the Tenure and Promotion Committee.

• Dania Bilal (Chair)
• Devendra Potnis
• Carol Tenopir

Master’s Program Committee

The Master’s Committee is responsible for assisting the Director of Graduate Studies in the administration and management of the MSIS program. This includes admissions, curriculum review and revision, and scholarship/GTA selection.

• Rachel Fleming-May (Chair)
• Suzie Allard (Spring)
• Carolyn Hank
Bharat Mehra (Fall)
• Cindy Welch
• Tanya Arnold

Undergraduate Program Committee

The Undergraduate Committee is responsible for assisting the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the administration and management of the BS program. This includes curriculum development, review and revision, and any other routine activities that become instituted around this program (e.g., admissions, scholarships).

• Vandana Singh (Chair)
• Wade Bishop
• Peiling Wang

Note: SIS Director is ex officio on all committees.