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SIS Faculty Publications

Author: Dania Bilal

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Bilal D. CD-ROM vs. Online vs. Internet: Search strategies and evaluation from the users' perspectives. In: Proceedings of the 16th National Online Meeting. New York; 1995. 2. p. 295-308p.
Bilal D. Problems of foreign students in Using United States libraries and the difficulties of translating an international education to Lebanon. In: Tallman J, editor. Translating and International Education to a National Environment. Metuchen: Scarecrow Press; 1990. 2. p. 23-37p.
Bilal D. International students' acquisitions of library research skills: Relationship with their English language proficiency. In: Pastine M, Katz B, editors. Integrating Library Use Skills into the General Education Curriculum. New York: Haworth Press; 1989. p. pp. p. 129-143p.

Author: Bradley Wade Bishop

Bishop BW, Johnston M.. Geospatial thinking of information professionals. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science. 2013;54(1):15-21.
Bishop BW. Location-based questions and local knowledge. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 2011;62(8):1594-1603.

Author: Edwin M Cortez

Cortez EM. Atmospheric Sciences Libraries and Their Importance for Patron. In: Ninth Annual Atmospheric Science Librarians International Meeting. Atlanta, GA; 2006.
Cortez EM. Partnering for Success. In: TennShare Conference,. Nashville, TN; 2005.
Cortez EM. Designing a Knowledge Management Collaboratory: Re-conceptually REEIS Using Convergent Technologies. In: Dynamics of Convergent Media Conference, University of South Carolina. Columbia, SC; 2002.
Cortez EM. Metadata Vocabulary for Data Retrieval. Journal of the American Society for Information Science. 1999;50:1218-1223.
Cortez EM. Information Policy Audit: Method and Use. In: Proceedings of the ASIS 1997 Midyear Conference. Scottsdale, AZ; 1997.
Cortez EM. Tearing Down the Fences: The Intellectual Property Debate in a Postmodern Society .. In: Proceedings of the 16th National Online Meeting. New York, NY; 1995.