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SIS Faculty Publications

Author: Edwin M Cortez

Cortez EM. Automating the Library. In: Michigan Library Consortium. Lansing, MI; 1993.
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Cortez EM. Invented Control Using the SPIRES Database Management System.. In: Proceedings of the ASIS 1981 Conference. Chicago, IL; 1981.

Author: Fleming-May, Rachel

Fleming-May R, Mays R, Grogg JE. Rolling On or Getting Rolled Over? Introducing New Functional Specializations in Academic Libraries. In: "Roll with the Times, or the Times Roll Over You" The 36th Annual Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC; 2016.
Fleming-May R, Green H. Digital innovations in poetry: Practices of creative writing faculty in online literary publishing. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST). 2016;64(4):859-873.
Fleming-May R, Green H. A Gutenberg Moment: The Do-It Yourself Approach to Online Literary Publishing. In: The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology. St. Louis, MO; 2015.
Fleming-May R, Mays R, Pemberton A. Academic Libraries' Support for Teaching: a Lib-Value Project. In: The Association of Research Libraries Library Assessment Conference . Seattle, WA; 2014.
Fleming-May R, Sherline C. What Impact Do Academic Libraries Have on Teaching and Learning? A Review of the Literature and Preliminary Taxonomy of standards. In: Hiller S, Justh K, Kyrillidou M, Self J, editors. The 2010 Library Assessment Conference: Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment. Baltimore, MD: Association of Research Libraries; 2010. 4. p. 499-514p.
Fleming-May R, Cook KJ, Yuro L. Collaborating for Success: Providing a Research Workshop for Doctoral Students. In: Association of College and Research Libraries' National Conference.; 2005.

Author: C Hank

Hank C. Break-up Letters and the Cold Shoulder from Blogademia. In: Archival Education and Research Institute. College Park, MD; 2015.
Hank C. Digital Curation Curriculum. Workshop on Archival Studies Masters Degree Curriculum. In: 2015 Archival Education and Research Institute. College Park, MD; 2015.
Hank C. Digital Curation 101. Archival Educators Research Roundtable Panel. In: 2014 Society of American Archivists (SAA) Annual Meeting. Washington DC; 2014.
Hank C. The Tenacity of Orphaned Blogs. In: 2013 SAA Research Forum. New Orleans, LA; 2013.
Hank C. Digital Curation Madlibs. In: SAA Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA; 2013.