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Welcome to the UT School of Information Science Graduate Program

Now Accepting Applications for SUMMER and FALL 2018!

Diane KellyDear future and current students,

In this inaugural year serving as director of the UT School of Information Sciences, I presented my credentials for consideration for the position because this institution has stayed firmly rooted in the core values of the profession while pushing the boundaries to new frontiers and new career paths for its graduates. Graduates of this program have three things in common.

One: UTSIS graduates have the high-quality educational foundation of a nationally-ranked academic program that is rigorous and challenging. The agility and flexibility developed in our coursework prepares our graduates for their first career positions and lays the groundwork for future leadership roles. As one of the first in the nation to provide distance learning options, we have extensive experience perfecting our real-time, online classes. We often hear from our students that our virtual classroom  feels like a close-knit community because of the direct interaction during class times.

Two: Exposure to faculty researchers and collaborating with them on leading edge grant projects is a rich learning opportunity for our graduates. Research that can help insititutions solve problems and make informed decisions not only brings a level of satisfaction for our students, it also presents them with a kaleidoscope-like view of career opportunities beyond their initial dreams.

Three: As a first generation college graduate, product of a world-class Library and Information Sciences program and former faculty member at a top research/academic School, I know the value of a quality education program. I want that for you. We all do. Every single faculty member, staff member and alumni of this School wants you to share in this profession and to have the very best experience possible as a part of this family.

Once you are a Volunteer, you are a Vol For Life!


Diane Kelly, PhD

Director and Professor

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