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SIS Faculty

School of Information Sciences
Name Position E-mail Office
Diane Kelly's picture Diane Kelly Director;
Professor 451 Communications Building
Suzie Allard's picture Suzie Allard Interim CCI Associate Dean for Academic Programs;
Interim Director of Graduate Studies;
Chancellor's Professor; CCI Board of Visitors Professor 423 Communications Bldg.
Dania Bilal's picture Dania Bilal Professor 451 Communications Bldg, Office 445
Wade Bishop's picture Wade Bishop Associate Professor 454 Communications Bldg.
Rachel Fleming-May's picture Rachel Fleming-May SIS Director of Graduate Studies;
Associate Professor 424 Communications Bldg.
Carolyn Hank's picture Carolyn Hank Assistant Professor 420B Communications Bldg.
Devendra Potnis's picture Devendra Potnis Associate Professor 444 Communications Building
Vandana Singh's picture Vandana Singh Associate Professor 453 Communications Bldg.
Carol Tenopir's picture Carol Tenopir Interim CCI Associate Dean for Research;
Interim Director of the Center for Information & Communication Studies;
Chancellor's Professor; Board of Visitors Professor 425 Communications Building / 5 Hoskins Library
Peiling Wang's picture Peiling Wang Professor 443 Communications Bldg.
Cindy Welch's picture Cindy Welch Clinical Associate Professor;
Coordinator of Youth Services 445 Communications Bldg.
Xiaohua (Awa) Zhu's picture Xiaohua Zhu Assistant Professor 448 Communications Bldg
Adjunct Professors
Name Position E-mail Office
Donald W. King's picture Donald King Adjunct Professor
David Nicholas's picture David Nicholas Adjunct Professor
Line Pouchard's picture Line Pouchard Adjunct Professor;
Senior Researcher, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Steve Smith's picture Steve Smith Dean of UT Libraries;
Professor 606 John C Hodges Library
Bruce E. Wilson's picture Bruce E. Wilson Adjunct Professor Hoskin Library, Basement
Emeritus Faculty
Name Position E-mail Office
Mike Pemberton's picture Mike Pemberton Emeritus Faculty