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Strategic Plan for the School of Information Sciences

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The Strategic Plan for the School of Information Sciences is known as Vision 2020. The School of Information Sciences recognizes that in the years to come the University of Tennessee will serve as an engine to economic development and sustainability; an advocate for social reform and civic engagement; and a platform for geopolitical discourse and debates. The School strives to graduate students who will be leaders in the information professions for years to come and in that spirit Vision 2020 features the following set of strategic priorities: 

  1. To increase innovation in teaching, research, and service; foster transparency; and remain accountable to key stakeholders. 
  2. To enhance the preeminence of the faculty’s reputation and visibility, and to attract and retain diverse stellar faculty. 
  3. To advance the school’s diversity and multicultural and global perspectives. 
  4. To further community engagement, social responsibility, information literacy, and equity of access to information. 
  5. To offer an innovative and relevant curriculum for the doctoral, master’s degree, and, the undergraduate minor programs. 
  6. To advance the use and innovation of information and communication technologies.

The plan covers the mission, vision, values and goals with measureable tactics set forth and adapted by the school and its leadership.