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Perspectives of rural library managers/directors regarding professional education : a qualitative study in Northwest Georgia

Christina Tracy
Major Professor: 
Bharat Mehra
May 2008

Abstract: Attempts have been made by several organizations, including the American Library Association (ALA) to provide greater access to professional education for library managers/directors; however the rural environment presents unique challenges to education not addressed by many of the policies and programs currently in place. This study examined the perspectives of library managers/directors in rural Northwest Georgia about the factors that impede or facilitate professional degree attainment. The principal findings include: the difference in the experience and perspectives of degreed and non-degreed participants, regarding professional degree attainment, and the degree to which multiple financial, geographical, and cultural factors are affected by demographic characteristics of participants. The results of this study can be used by organizations and agencies who seek to improve the education of rural library managers/directors.