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Perceptions of Digital Libraries with Indigenous Knowledge: An Exploratory Study

Debra Lynn Capponi
Major Professor: 
Bharat Mehra
Committee Members: 
Suzie Allard,
Peiling Wang
May 2010

Abstract: Interest in indigenous knowledge (IK) research has grown since the 1980s, and more recently the topic has drawn attention in information sciences research. At the same time, the evolution of electronic information and communication technologies (ICTS), most notably development of the Internet, has profoundly influenced information sciences research. This study explores perceptions of community members involved in the creation, development, and use of digital libraries with indigenous knowledge materials. Research methods used in data collection include a quantitative survey distributed to community members involved in the creation, development, and use of digital libraries with indigenous knowledge materials and quantitative analysis of the research process. The study proposes a framework of guidelines to conduct future research on digital libraries with indigenous knowledge that includes: acknowledging the reality of the community involved in creating, developing and using digital libraries with indigenous knowledge materials; developing appropriate research methods for this community; and identifying specific actions for such research.