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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate program students in front of the Rock.

Information is everywhere. We’re constantly surrounded by it, but rarely stop to think how it’s produced, accessed, retrieved, and interpreted. That’s where information sciences (IS) comes in — connecting people, information, and technology. Our program prepares students to flourish in the world of information and pursue enriching careers. [half]

Explore Our UX Design Concentration
Explore Our Data, Information Management, and Analytics Overview

Growing Demand for Information Experts

There is a global need for trained and skilled professionals from all disciplines who can turn information into actionable knowledge. Information-related careers expect around a 20% job growth rate in the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics!

Personalize Your Information Sciences Experience

Whether you choose our user experience design BSIS concentration; Data, Information Management, and Analytics (DIMA) Data, Information Management, and Analytics (DIMA) Concentration Concentration, General Concentration, or Undergraduate Minor, create a personalized undergraduate experience tailored to your interests. Choose classes covering topics such as user experience, web technologies, internet and society, organizational information management, and more!

Award-Winning Faculty

Our faculty continues to achieve national and international recognition as pioneers and leaders within the information sciences and technology landscape. 

Online Options

Receive the same great educational experience whether you choose online or on-campus classes. 

Looking to Double Major or Pursue Our Minor?

All undergraduate majors are welcome. Nearly every field and employer needs information professionals to manage their data.