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Roxanne Hovland

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Conference Proceedings
Blakeman, R., & Hovland R. (2015).  Design Education in an International Context. 9th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, Chicago, IL.
Harmon, M., Hovland R., & Park J. Seong (2014).  Cultivating Consumers Not Citizens: A Cross-Atlantic Comparison of the Affluenza Hypotheses. European Communication Research and Education Association, Lisbon.
Hovland, R., & Blakeman R. (2014).  Studying Communication Abroad in the Global Economy. Panel presentation. Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising.
Jung, A-reum., & Hovland R. (2013).  "Targeting gender: A content analysis of alcohol advertising in magazines". American Academy of Advertising. 116-117.
Book Chapter
Harmon, M. (2007).  Affluenza: Television Use and Cultivation of Materialism. (Hovland, R., Woburg J., & Haley E., Ed.).Readings in Advertising, Society, and Consumer Culture. 81-91.
Conference Paper
Kim, S., & Hovland R. (2006).  Differences in gender roles in public relations in South Korea. Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communications.
Journal Article
Hovland, R., McMahan C., Lee G., Hwang J-S., & Kim J. (2005).  Gender role portrayals in American and Korean advertisements. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research. 53, 887-899.
Conference Paper
Hovland, R. (2004).  Classical liberalism and the promotion of addictive goods. Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising.
Hovland, R., McMahan C., & Shoop T. (2004).  Gender role portrayals in mainstream American magazine advertisements and magazine advertisements directed to Spanish speaking Americans. Academy of International Business, Southeast USA Chapter.
Hovland, R., & Wolburg J. (2004).  Historical development of consumer culture. Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations.
Haley, E., Hovland R., & Hoy M G. (2002).  Compulsive Buying and Credit Card Usage Among College Students. Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences.
Haley, E., Hovland R., Wilkinson J., & Hinton M. (2000).  Infomercial marketer adherence to self-regulatory standards: A content analysis. Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising.
Book Chapter
Haley, E., & Hovland R. (1995).  Closer scrutiny? Recent trends in supreme court commercial speech decisions. Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising. 199-204.
Hovland, R., & Haley E. (1995).  Recent district court decisions and the status of commercial speech decisions. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of The American Academy of Advertising. 205-209.
Journal Article
Haley, E., & Hovland R. (1994).  Overbreadth and commercial speech. Communications and the Law. 16, 201-212.
Conference Paper
Hovland, R., Klaus K., & Haley E. (1993).  Commercial speech after Fox: There's a rule for every exception. Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising.
Book Chapter
Hovland, R. (1992).  Canyon Breweries: Gloster Beer. (Nevett, T., Ed.).Advertising Management: Case Analysis Manual.
Journal Article
Hovland, R., & Taylor R. E. (1990).  Advertising and commercial speech since Posadas. Journalism Quarterly. 67, 1083-89.
Conference Paper
Bowles, D., & Marcum H. (1990).  The Chilling Effect of Libel on Tennessee Newspaper Editors. (Hovland, R., Ed.).Thirteenth Annual Communications Research Symposium College of Communications.