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Barbara Kaye

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Professional Summary:

*20 years of full-time collegiate teaching.

*Published 59 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.

*Co-authored three textbooks.

*Presented 70 peer-reviewed conference papers.

*Scholarly works cited slightly more than 4,300 times (Google Scholar, Aug. 2015).

*Taught 6 different graduate courses and 19 different undergraduate courses. Developed and taught fully online courses using Blackboard and Sakai course management systems.

*Served on 5 completed dissertation committees, 14 completed thesis committees, and directed 17 completed independent study projects.

*Administrative experience as Associate Program Chair/Assistant Director of Online Masters Degree (Johns Hopkins University) and Telecommunications Area Head (Valdosta State University).

*Taught in Italy (spring 2006 and summer 2012) and Austria (summer 2007).

* NATPE fellow (2000).

Dr. Kaye  research articles have appeared in such journals as Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, Social Science Computer Review, Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, Atlantic Journal of  Communication, and Mass Communication & Society.  Moreover, two of her papers are recognized in the Top 100 of the most important works ever published in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, and one is the top most cited article for the journal. 


333 Comm-UEB

Ph.D., Florida State University

M.S.B.A., Marketing, San Francisco State University

B.S., Journalism/Advertising, California Polytechnic State University -San Luis Obispo

Research Interests: 
Users and uses of online political information
Profanity on television
Media Effects
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