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P Judy Li

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School of Information Sciences
Associate Professor/Business Librarian - Hodges Library

Besides having my credentials, I have had decades of field experience working as a full time Librarian in special libraries (Telecommunication industry, Finance industry) and academic libraries/public libraries in  USA, Canada and Hong Kong (British National Oversea). 

At the moment, I am a tenured Associate Professor of UTK & Business Librarian at Hodges Library.

Hodges Library

From North America - PhD, MLIS, MBA, BA(BA)

Past Grant received - 2010 Teaching Grant, 2011 Research Grant, 2014 Program Grant

International Awards - 2015 Emerald Citation of Excellence award for my solo authorship article "Serving as an Educator: A Southern Case in Embedded Librarianship"

About the Emerald Citation Award program: each year Emerald recognizes the 50 most outstanding articles published by the top 300 management journals in the world, including Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Finance, Strategic Management Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review, and McKinsey Quarterly. With 15,000 article abstracts published in these journals annually, receiving a Citation of Excellence represents one of the highest accolades that an author can achieve.

Research Interests: 
Knowledge Management in SBE's strategic management
Entrepreneurship in Librarianship, Embedded Librarianship
International Interests: 

Women's and Children's Rights

Faculty Advisor: 
Carol Tenopir