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Washington and Lee University

Lexington, VA
Type of practicum : 
Either In Person or Virtual
Description of Practicum Site: 

Washington and Lee University (W&L) is a liberal arts college located in Lexington, Virginia. The library at W&L coordinates a variety of digital initiatives, many of which are described at This practicum may done either on-site or virtually.

Description of Practicum Duties: 

"The practicum offers opportunity to gain experience in supporting digital scholarship and publishing initiatives at an academic library. The focus of the specific tasks are customizable based upon the student's learning objectives. 

The tasks might involve understanding functionality and capabilities of a scholarly digital publication in order to craft the user experience and interaction design as well as web development; an analysis of which platform/content management system is appropriate for the needs of project; converting, migrating data from a legacy system; developing documentation that's understandable to a target audience of undergraduate students and faculty. "